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Record Store Day Is Here To Say: Jim Kaz of New Noise Magazine Gives Us The Best Including Helloween ‘Straight Out Of Hell’

Record Store Day Is Here To Stay – By Jim Kaz

I’m still pinching myself…has vinyl really made a full-fledged comeback? The answer is a resounding “Hell yes!” The once, almost-extinct format has been garnering far more buzz than its CD counterpart, which up until the past few years had dominated everything. And let’s not even talk about MP3s. While it’s easy to appreciate the convenience and portability, music collectors still need the real thing. Let’s face it, software by itself is pretty damn boring. And, you’ve got nothing to show for your investment.

Vinyl on the other hand, is collectable and just plain sounds better. Guitars are warmer, drums are grittier and with the vocals, you get all of the nuance and dynamics. MP3s—and even CDs to some extent—sound sterile in comparison.

With Record Store Day quickly approaching on April 20, the masses are starting to take notice, which only helps in getting labels to do more vinyl releases. Several of said labels will be releasing special editions for the event, which is great, but what really counts is that our beloved mom-and-pop record shops get the notoriety and foot traffic they desperately need.

Here you’ll find a few Record Store Day release highlights to salivate over. Have at ‘em.


Straight Out Of Hell

I’ve always thought of Helloween as being slightly goofy. That said, their stuff is generally well stocked with colossal hooks and loads of guitar acrobatics. This new release is no different. It’s got plenty of speed, big riffs and melody for days—check out the likes of “Waiting for the Thunder” for proof. (The End Records)

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