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Real Detroit Weekly Review of Sponge’s ‘Stop The Bleeding’


Sponge ‘Stop The Bleeding Reviewed by Real Detroit Weekly


‘Full of angst and passion, Sponge’s latest album, Stop the Bleeding, gives hope to new beginnings. “I’ve given up, I’ve given up, I’ve given up on feeling sorry” shouts lead singer Vinnie Dombroski on “Star”, the opening track. The proceeding numbers seem to follow the same moody and reclusive pattern, with names such as “Destroy the Boy”, “Dare to Breathe” and “Fade From View”. Although that ominous feel never seems to leave the record’s background, the lyrics shed light on Sponge’s positive outlook towards better days; which is what the band continues to fight for, despite the record industry’s attempted stranglehold on their music. And just like our city of Detroit, Sponge doesn’t give up – ever.Stop the Bleeding might be fueled by difficult times, but the power that fuel gives each song is undeniable. A masterpiece through and through, this might be Sponge’s best work yet since Rotting Piñata.’

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