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Premiere: A Remix of “Slo Light” from Davidge’s New Album on Societe Perrier

One half of the UK duo Smith&Mighty remixed ‘Slo Light‘, the title track from Davidge‘s new album, out on February 25th


‘[Davidge’s] upcoming first solo album […] ranges from orchestral odysseys to deep, absorbing electronic journeys, and incorporates a series of remixes, including Rob Smith’s Lovas reworking of the title track’.

‘Smith’s lush take on the song, with gently dubby hints of the Bristol sound he helped shape, is “the complete opposite of the original, and very much a Rob Smith track,” says Davidge. “I love it when remixers take a track and make it their own.… The last thing I want is for people to try to do what they think I want them to do. I love being surprised. I love being challenged creatively.”’

To listen to the song click HERE