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Okta Logue’s New Single ‘Dream On’ is Now Available On iTunes!!

Download Okta Logue‘s New Single ‘Dream On’ on iTunes


Okta Logue’s new release “Tales Of Transit City” is an album that casually and sexily frees itself from the vintage-trap and retro-drawer, that beats itself with its own weapons and which takes a decisive step towards pop without losing itself in cliches, pomp or kitsch. A serenity, sovereignty and candidness born of this freedom draw our attention in every song and in every note of “Tales Of Transit City”.

The album immediately catches your ear with the first song ‘Transit’ which catapults you into a wondrous journey through the rest of the album. While listening one can hear a multitude of themes: Beatles quotes, Brit-Pop reminiscence, never before written Keith Richards riffs, Wilco- blows and club sounding synthesizers that meet with exalted choirs.
Okta Logue are the shining example of what extraordinarily musical results young bands can achieve nowadays