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    Widely known as a pioneer within the often isolated world of black metal, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Scott Conner has forged ahead to once again reshape what the music community may come to expect from him with Nocturnal Poisoning’s third full-length album – Doomgrass.

    Using country and bluegrass guitar playing techniques as well as American folk music, Nocturnal Poisoning weaves dark yet melodious arrangements that are dissonant and melancholic.

    On Doomgrass, rhythms of finger-picked guitars layered upon each other ebb and flow throughout creating a stirring and galvanic atmosphere, while the vocals  are delivered by Robert N. in a bluesy, chant-like style, gritty but clean, adding yet another layer to Nocturnal Poisoning’s unconventional sound. Lyrically, Nocturnal Poisoning focuses on reality, the mind, truth, hardships, the world we live in today and the world we used to know, as well as personal experiences, thoughts and observations. 

    Conner's wholly unique song writing style, developed throughout his tenure as Xasthur, can be subtly heard on the album. Doomgrass is a distinctive, demanding, and altogether rewarding listening experience for those who are seeking something new.

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