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Nina Persson’s ‘Animal Heart’ Reviewed by The Bay Area Reporter

The Bay Area Reporter compliments the Swedish songstress Nina Persson and her first solo album ‘Animal Heart


“It was only a matter of time before Nina Persson, the lead singer of Swedish band The Cardigans (“Lovefool”) and later A Camp (with husband Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think fame), released a solo album as rewarding as Animal Heart (The End). Well worth the wait,Animal Heart gives Persson a chance to exhibit her versatility. On the dramatic “Burning Bridges for Fuel,” Persson proves that she knows her way around a power ballad, and infuses it with the proper level of emotion. “Clip Your Wings” is meant for dance-floor strutting, “Jungle” swings subtly, and the delicious “Food for the Beast,” with its reference to being “face down on the floor of the discotheque,” has club track written all over it, elevating Persson to full-fledged dance diva. Check out funky track “Catch Me Crying,” the polished retro of “Silver,” and “This Is Heavy Metal,” which is heavy in ways you might not expect.”

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