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Nina Persson explores her bestial side on her first solo album, Animal Heart

Read this great feature of Nina Persson on Next Magazine

Nina Persson 4  Jörgen Ringstrand

‘Nina Persson buzzes me into her Harlem brownstone. She’s waiting at the top of a flight of stairs in a long-sleeve black top and thick-rimmed black glasses, her long hair a muddier blonde than the platinum pixie cut she sported in the ’90s, at the height of The Cardigans’ fame in the U.S. When I’d requested an in-person interview I’d thought I would meet Persson at a restaurant or coffee shop or something. I hadn’t expected to be invited to her home. There are several laptops open on the long dining table where we sit. NPR’s Science Friday is playing on the radio. There’s a stag’s head mounted above the fireplace and a drawing of one hanging on the opposite wall, it’s tongue lolling from its mouth.“I’m just comfortable here,” she tells me. She’s been home all day anyway, doing phone interviews with European and Japanese media outlets to promote the release of her first solo album,Animal Heart on The End Records, which arrived in the U.S. earlier this week. “It’s so nice to put the phone down and actually talk to someone.” ‘ – Next Magazine

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