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  • NEW VIDEO: Mike Love "Do It Again (Featuring Mark McGrath & John Stamos)"





    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (July 18, 2017) - Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Grammy® Winner, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Co-Founder of The Beach Boys, Mike Love, has debuted a new music video for the 1968 Beach Boys classic, “Do It Again." The video premiered today with Billboard and accompanies the release of his new studio version of “Do it Again,” featuring the vocals of Mark McGrath of rock band Sugar Ray, as well as John Stamos on drums and backing vocals. 

    Mike Love - Do It Again (Featuring Mark McGrath & John Stamos)


    The music video was directed by John Stamos and produced by Pat Kudej, with Alex Fauver as cinematographer. The video features Love, McGrath and Stamos singing together against a white backdrop with historic images of Mike performing live woven in throughout. The single was released on July 4th as The Beach Boys performed on the Washington D.C. mall as part of PBS’ A Capitol FourthIndependence Day celebration.

    “This song is about friends coming together revisiting the fun of their youth,” said Love. “Stamos and I have so much love and respect for each other and our 33 years of friendship is still going strong. It was great to have Mark’s amazing talent and energy to play off of as we rediscovered one of my favorite tracks.”

    "I thought I had done some pretty cool things in my life, but when one of your idols calls you and asks if you want to duet on one of your favorite Beach Boys songs, it's truly the pinnacle of a very fortunate career,” said McGrath. "It was such a joy working with Dr. Mike Love, and legendary producer Michael Lloyd to add a modern feel to 'Do It Again,' but of course maintain the genius integrity of the original. Having my good friend John Stamos laying down some monster drums on the track was the icing on the cake...yeah, I think it's gonna be a great summer!"

    "I wanted the world to see the Mike Love I know, and his family, friends and bandmates know,” said Stamos. "A joyful guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, but always takes his music seriously. A guy that LOVES singing his songs and is truly happiest when doing so. I think Mike comes off like the funny, cheerful rascal that he really is. He’s in the middle of a very happy and grateful time in his life and I think we captured that.” 

    “Do It Again (Featuring Mark McGrath & John Stamos) is released by BMG and available for streaming and download.

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