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“More Than Fun & Games”: Anvil in The Drummer’s Journal


The 12 Pages of Anvil

as featured in The Drummer’s Journal


“Watching Anvil play made me realise why the room in which I was stood was also populated with 5000 other people.” -Tom Hoare

August’s edition of The Drummer’s Journal features a twelve-page spread about Anvil, the Canadian cult metal band. The feature, “More Than Fun & Games,” is written by Tom Hoare and takes a comprehensive look at of one of metal’s most influential and formerly neglected acts. The interview with Robb Reiner and Steve “Lips” Kudlow of the band is juxtaposed alongside a plethora of vivid images of them, documenting both past and present, onstage and offstage, artwork and article-clippings.

Hoare gets the band to open up on topics like their 2009 film-documentary “The Story of Anvil”, the current state of metal (“Metal is like bacteria. There’s good bacteria and bad bacteria. Most of it now has turned into bad bacteria.”), integrity and consistency in music, and the music business itself.

Lips comments, “People say that metal is dinosaur music. Well, in some ways, bands like ours, we’re the last of the dodos.” That may be the case, but Hoare’s feature highlights why Anvil need to keep doing exactly what they’re doing.

Read the article online HERE.

Anvil’s catalog is available at The Omega Order.