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  • Mono Mind - Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix)

  • Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix)

    “Mono Mind ‘Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix)’ has created instant excitement from the moment we debuted it. We continue to see huge growth as people continue to discover this unique sound on SiriusXM.”Geronimo, Senior Director of Music Programming/SiriusXM

    “one of those songs that you’re not sure where it came from, but you’re glad you heard it when you did… it never loses its cool swagger, and it’s impossible not to bob your head to it. I think it’s a great after-party, wind-down, contemplative track. If this song is any indication of where this young group is going, then I think everyone should get on board and stay tuned.”Mike Popadines/Music Choice Dance

  • Tracklist

    01. Save Me A Place (Bridge & Mountain Remix) - 03:24

    Release date: Jul 14th, 2017