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Midwest Record Reviews Eklipse and Hey! Hello!

Midwest Record Reviews Eklipse and Hey! Hello!


EKLIPSE/Electric Air: I miss Bond, Rasputina and Darling Violetta. Eklipse capture the best of all of them, drops the dross and adds their own spin in the end. With a fashion sense 180 degrees away from Bond’s, these four Goth lasses do semi classical interpretations of the recent vintage down mouth rock from alt to shoe gaze to dour pop and give it all their own stamp. Without Mike Batt’s over seeing this outing like he did for Bond, the feeling is more organic than contrived and the relentless upbeat attack that was Bond isn’t really missed. A great left of center recording throughout.

HEY! HELLO!: The mushrooms with the goofy grins on the cover don’t even begin to convey what’s inside where crunchy guitars meets psych pop meet wild attitudes meet skewed sunshine pop meet power pop meet…… It’s a contemporary malcontent’s mash up delight. Totally crazy stuff that somehow feels like what Iggy would be doing if he were a kid today.

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