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    Some albums are like homes: they arrive ready to be lived in - headphones like house keys, songs opening up like rooms - providing a soundtrack to the act of living. Fortunately for audiences, Michelle Chamuel’s debut album, Face The Fire, is move-in ready. Released February 10, 2015 via The End Records/ADA the full-blown pop opus inverts pop conventions while refining them, thanks to hand-crafted production, precise songwriting and an exuberance that could jumpstart a stopped heart.

    Considering all the emotion contained within it, Face the Fire came together at a breakneck pace. For three weeks in the Winter of 2014, Chamuel and her collaborators, Tyler Duncan and Theo Katzman - college pals and My Dear Disco band members - holed up in Chamuel’s home, building the album from musical nuggets each had brought to the sessions. The trio alchemizes several genres from across the history of music - spanning from 80s pop ("Rock It") and melodic house ("Weight of the World") to VHS-infused reggae ("Money").

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