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Metal Review Reviews Hachet’s Dawn of the end

Read this Review of Hatchet‘s ‘Dawn Of The End’ by Metal Review


“The second full-length from Bay Area thrash unit Hatchet goes a little way towards improving on the debut, starting to provide a hint of uniqueness to a band sorely in need of it. Mainly this comes in the form of a solid technicality, a precision in riff and beat that makes Dawn of the End enjoyable and sometimes exciting, two things that every great thrash album has in spades. This is not a great thrash album, however, though it is a quite good one, and does shown Hatchet off as a band to keep an eye and an ear on. Following crunchy, riff-filled intro (always a good sign) After the Dark, Silenced by Death flows seamlessly in, Julz Ramos’s sneery vocals and able guitar leading an old-school gallop that turns on a dime and uses the band’s instrumental skills well without allowing them to define the music. A couple of excellent solos later, and Dawn of the End is leaving a very good impression indeed.”