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Metal Meets EDM: 24 of Heavy Metal’s Finest Tell Societe Perrier Who Their Favorite DJs Are

HelloweenGodfleshHatchetDead Letter CircusCrossfaith, and more Tell Société Perrier Who Their Favorite DJs Are


2. Dani Löble/Helloween

Justin Timberlake: His music is one of a kind. It’s a continuation of the unforgettable ’80s legacy. He combines hard syncopated grooves, cranky harmonies with trendy arrangements for something really great.

3. Sascha Gerstner/Helloween
Depeche Mode: Definitely the godfathers of industrial-electronic rock. Groovy beats topped with extraordinary synth sounds. I always loved their dark synth sounds, which inspired me to collect old ’80s synthesizers myself.

4. Justin Broadrick/Godflesh and Jesu (ex-Napalm Death)
Aphex Twin: Because he’s capable of conveying such extreme and dynamic moods via electronic music — warped, melancholy, aggressive, beautiful, pretty, horrible, mad, all the way from pure noise to the prettiest of melodies. No barriers, no limitations, no agendas — pure music.

7. Clark Webb/Hatchet
Bassnectar: Bassnectar makes amazing electronic music with the same dynamics and emotions you can find in metal. Lorin Ashton of Bassnectar is from the Bay Area in California, and grew up listening to metal bands. I believe a lot of his early years as a metal fan influences his music today, and that is why metal musicians and many others find it so appealing.

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