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Mekon ‘Piece Of Work’ Reviews by Compulsion Online || Album to be Released on 7/9


Compulsion online Reviews Mekon ‘Piece Of Work’


‘Piece of Work carries traces of Gosling’s industrial past and it’s most obvious in the stop-start tempo changes of the relentless rhythms of ‘Bin Therre’, which carries more than a trace of Meat Beat Manifesto, as it rampages from industrial techno into squelching eighties techno. ‘Disco Bloodbath’, meanwhile, brings terror to the dancefloor with its Hitchcockian strings and shuffling hi-hat rhythms, while Gosling’s earlier Zos Kia project gets a rare airing with the stark piano score of ‘Be Like Me intro’ – a record which incidentally also featured Pig’s Raymond Watts. That it fits here is wonderfully surprising, and really brings things full circle. Piece of Work finishes on the electro-rap rhythms of ‘Ravagable’ aided by the lusty tones of Rita Brown.’

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Album to be released on 7/9!