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    The Maryland-based rock outfit Lionize have just signed with The End Records for the release of their upcoming studio album. The band, consisting of Chris Brooks (keys), Henry Upton (bass), Chase Lapp (drums), and Nate Bergman (guitar), will be recording at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD and The Lions Den in Beltsville, MD. The album sees mixing and mastering by J. Robbins, as well as production by Lionize, Jean Paul Gaster, and J. Robbins. 

    The forthcoming Lionize release follows the band's 2014 album Jeptpack Soundtrack, and continues their ever-maturing sound. It's emotionally-driven and steeped in introspection, with subjects ranging from the end of times to heart break within the industry. Following the release, in true Lionize fashion, the band will be hitting the road for extensive touring in support of the album. 

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