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  • LIONIZE Unleashes FIRE IN ATHENA // New Audio Enclosed!




    "...Lionize might just be one of today's most successfully original rock acts." - Classic Rock

    "A mighty funk n roll rumble." - Metal Hammer

    "Tight beats and infectious riffs." - Powerplay

    "...this is a straight up rock n’ roll band that doesn’t need any tricks or gimmicks to do what they do. Drums, bass, organ, guitar and a back catalogue of funky riffs gets the job done perfectly."
    - Pure Grain Audio

    Nuclear Soul is sure to please listeners,
    no matter which side of the divide their sensibilities may lie." - Outburn Magazine

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (August 18, 2017) - Fresh off their UK tour, Maryland-based rockers Lionize have released the new single "Fire In Athena," from their forthcoming full-length studio album entitled Nuclear Soul, set for release September 8 in digital, CD and LP formats. "Fire In Athena" follows "Blindness To Danger," and both tracks are available now for instant download and streaming. CLICK here for all download, streaming and pre-order options. 

    About the song, Lionize's Nate Bergman explains: "'Fire In Athena' is very important to us right now because of the socio-political climate in the US at the moment. The song was inspired by a neighborhood in Greece called Exarcheia. In 1973 a violent clash between a brutal dictatorship came to ahead when tanks crashed through the walls of the Polytechnic Art College in the neighborhood - killing students who were peacefully protesting and existing as artists. There were massive riots and the neighborhood became a symbol of art, freedom and unity - to this day - the police, army and major corporations including banks are not welcome in this place. Everywhere you go in the blocks of Exarcheia is music, art, dancing, drinking and people living freely. We learned about the history of this place that dates back to the 1860's when the first uprising happened within the city limits."

    He continues: "The song was written around the time of the US Presidential election and we started to see the danger in the rhetoric that was being spewed about causing high tensions across our country. In light of the recent events in Charlottesville the band feels the song sends a message of hope and strength and ultimately tells the story of an uprising and a call to arms for those that believe in peace, love and music. Spending time in Greece really inspired the band to examine what our version of Democracy really is and how is compares to several other countries we’ve been to on tour."

    You can listen to the official audio below.

    Lionize - Fire In Athena (Official Audio)


    Nuclear Soul follows the band's widely praised 2014 album Jetpack Soundtrack and continues their ever-maturing sound. It's emotionally-driven and steeped in introspection, with subjects ranging from the end of times to heart break within the industry. Recorded locally in Maryland, USA, production has been handled by Clutch's Jean Paul Gaster with J. Robbins and Lionize.

    Lionize - Blindness To Danger (Official Music Video)


    Official Album Artwork


    Official Album Tracklisting

    01. Darkest Timeline
    02. Face Of Mars
    03. Fire in Athena*
    04. Power Grid
    05. Ain't It A Shame
    06. Election Year
    07. March Of The Clones
    08. Let You Down
    09. The Mad Scientist of Sunshine
    10. Nuclear Soul
    11. Blindness To Danger *

    * Available Now!

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    Photo credit: Will Ireland

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