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The walls are shaking. KROKUS rehearse at full throttle in the living room of bassist/producer Chris von Rohr’s 103-year old villa for the upcoming tour dates.

“If a song played on low volume sounds thrilling, we know that it really will sound incredible played at a higher volume,”explains the host this relaxed hard rock rehearsal in his living room. “The atmosphere here is perfect,” says guitarist Mandy Meyer, who has come back to the fold of the classic formation 30 years later. “Here we can arrange the sound of our guitars perfectly before we rev up the sound volume controls from two to ten.” “At present the fun factor in our band is higher than ever,” says Fernando von Arb, as he sweeps gently over the strings of his guitar. Vocalist Marc Storace adds: “We are very proud of the cool new songs.”

After a handful of smaller venues in Switzerland, starting May 2nd, KROKUS are scheduled to play huge festivalsthroughout Europe (see our TOUR dates). Asia is knocking at the door next, wanting the Swiss rockers to tour there next and America has shown interest as well. “We old dogs will rock like puppies,” promises Von Arb.