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Krokus Doeg Song #1 Best Video of 2013 on Music Enthusiast Mag

Music Enthusiast Mag‘s Best Video of 2013: Krokus ‘Doeg Song’


Krokus delivered a new conclave of blues-driven rock and roll, very much still in the vein of their main source of inspiration AC/DC, on their new album ‘Dirty Dynamite.’ The entire album would sit comfortably alongside any Bon Scott-fronted material, with distorted guitars and falsetto screams making the listener feel right in the mood for a long drive. And that’s exactly the direction with Krokus decided to take on their music video for “Dog Song,” which is centered around your average bulldog’s common activities: smoking a joint, listening to ‘Headhunter’ and driving a vintage automobile. The enjoyably comical aspect to this video in particular makes it an instant favorite, thus topping our list of The Best Music Videos of 2013.’ – Music Enthusiast Magazine

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