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Krokus Deliver High Voltage Rock On ‘Dirty Dynamite’

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Krokus Deliver High Voltage Rock On “Dirty Dynamite”

Dirty Dynamite

By: William Clark

Marking their return to the rock and roll music world, Krokus give yet another soon-to-be timeless record with their new studio album, Dirty Dynamite. Best known in the early 80’s for their striking Bon Scott-era AC/DC style of sound, showcased in such MTV and radio hits as “Long Stick Goes Boom” and the power ballad “Screaming In The Night”, Krokus provided fans of early AC/DC an alternative outlet for that high voltage rock sound, comprised of heavy hitting guitar riffs, powerful falsetto soaked vocals, and head haunting chorus chanters. Their 1983 studio album, Headhunter, was also subsequently named “the album AC/DC never made”, for these same reasons.

Well, I am proud to say that when it comes to “Dirty Dynamite” that these dynamics aren’t just still fully embraced, and not only have progressed since 1983, but Krokus as a band seems to have fully evolved into something greater altogether, and the result is an album of 12 rampaging rock songs that sounds just as good if not better than anything they released back in the day. Everything from the album cover to the title scream classic rock, even more so than Marc “The Voice” Storace’s lung busting lead vocals.

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Dirty Dynamite - Krokus