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    The worldly trio is comprised of the playfully enigmatic and U.S.-reared vocalist Justin Taylor, who is half-Jamaican, half-Kiwi, and all captivating, and the production wiz Jaakko Manninen, the charming Finnish pop mastermind behind Beats and Styles. They are joined by multi-instrumentalist and producerRyan Malina. Together, they collide to create a brand new form of pop music that is hard to forget, with combined backgrounds culturally and musically extending the globe. With all recording, mixing, mastering, and media produced directly by the Los Angeles outfit, Jutty Ranx is a self-contained and rare creative unit of total visionary freedom. 

    Doing what they feel and worrying about the consequences later, Jutty Ranx is very much the product of organic, first-take efforts with little over-thinking or re-writing. The power, they believe, is in the initial conception—the rawness of in-the-moment collaboration bred from a natural, unforced, and often unintentional agenda. 

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