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Jeff Klein Interview with Musician Coaching

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My Jerusalem’s Jeff Klein talks about his journey into the music industry

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“You really have to focus on your art and your trade and do it as much as you can. Otherwise, you give yourself an easy “out.” Music became my whole life. I didn’t give myself an option to be involved in anything else but music.” -Jeff Klein

My Jerusalem‘s front man discusses the ins and outs of being a musician in the music industry. Klein answers questions on everything from how he first got involved in music to social media and getting a manager.

“I got to where I am just by being my own publicist, my own booking agent and my own marketing team. You have to be all of those things in the beginning. If you can juggle all those responsibilities, you will eventually attract other people that will support you.”

Read the full and very interesting interview HERE.

My Jerusalem’s latest album, Preachers, is out now.