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Hung Premiere ‘Maria’ Lyric Video on SkullsNBones

Click Here To Watch ‘Maria’ Lyric Video on SkullsNBones

From HUNG member Sam Roon:

“I’m sitting in a dark hotel room somewhere between Durham, North Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tonight we rock TN and tomorrow we’re back in North Carolina for one final show on the tour where we’ll be playing in a field for a massive BBQ with some friends we met on the road. The self-booked tour is officially a success and as a reward to myself and the friends I’ve made over the years here on SkullsNBones, I’ve decided to premiere a video here.
The video below is for the first song HUNG ever put together. “Maria” is an interesting piece, because even after many years, it still holds up in its progressive and aggressive nature against the newer songs we’ve written. When we play it live, everyone who knows it goes crazy and so do we. This song is proof to us that we were doing something powerful right from the beginning.”Maria” is not only the first song we ever wrote, but it’s also the first lyric video I ever put together. We released a few other video pieces but this was actually the first one created for the new album. I wanted it to be a bit of a tribute to all the photographers who have helped out HUNG over the years and so it’s a bit of a slideshow as-well-as a lyric video.”


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