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Hey! Hello! Tear It Up on the UK Airwaves


Hey! Hello! #1 on UK Radio


“Swimwear” by Hey! Hello! ranks #1 on UK airwaves, according to TeamRock Airplay.  “Swimwear” is from Hey! Hello!’s eponymous debut album. TeamRock Airplay data is based on the music played on 316 stations or 99.7% of UK radio, by audience! Scroll down to see TeamRock’s Top 10…

1 Swimwear — Hey! Hello!

2 Hail to the King — Avenged Sevenfold

3 We’re an American Band — Rob Zombie

4 Mind Your Manners — Pearl Jam

5 Burn MF — Five Finger Death Punch

6 I Sat By the Ocean — Queens of the Stone Age

7 Pomona — American Fangs

8 Never Never Not Just Now — Hawk Eye

9 Mind Crawler — Uncle Acid

10 Follow Me — I Divide