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  • Hatchet - Fear Beyond Lunacy

  • Fear Beyond Lunacy

    ​"​HATCHET are one of the best examples of thrash excellence around today.
    This is no-frills, classic thrash metal, right down to the album cover. Fear Beyond Lunacy has 10 songs and clocks in around 45 minutes. If you need your thrash fix, and I know I do, then you can’t go wrong with Fear Beyond Lunacy. In my opinion, it is easily the band’s best work to date.
    There isn’t a bad song on the entire album.​"​

    "Fear Beyond Lunacy is explosive in terms of musicianship and production, and modern thrash fans will rejoice upon first listen, while old school fans will appreciate the Bay Area thrash worship within every second of the record... intense and menacing...
    slays most of the competition with ease."
     - Outburn Magazine

    ​"9/10... bigger, badder, and better than they have ever sounded." - Metal Observer

    "Hatchet sound as fresh as ever with 45 minutes of neck-wrecking fury." Loudwire

  • Tracklist

    01. Where Time Cannot Exist - 01:40
    02. Living In Extinction - 03:53
    03. Lethal Injustice - 04:48
    04. In Fear We Trust - 04:44
    05. Killing Indulgence - 05:10
    06. Dead and Gone - 04:38
    07. Tearing Into Hell - 04:14
    08. Prophet of Delusion - 05:26
    09. The World Beyond - 05:04
    10. Frozen Hell (Bonus Track) - 04:39
    11. Awaiting Evil (LP Exclusive) - 05:53

    Release date: Oct 30th, 2015
    LP release date: Jan 8th, 2016