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GOTTHARD Set To Release New Album ‘BANG!’





RELEASE DATE: June 24, 2014

Swiss-based, hard-hitting quintet Gotthard are thrilled to unleash their latest studio album BANG! in North America via The End Records.
On June 24th, the band will release the digital version of BANG!, with a deluxe version containing 3 bonus tracks scheduled for release August 12, 2014.

For over 20 years, GOTTHARD has toured the globe throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia in support of 14 studio and live albums, and has collected multiple gold and platinum awards along the way.

Recorded at the group’s own Yellow House Studios in Lugano in the Swiss canton of Tessin, BANG! was mixed at the Dutch Wisseloord Studios (Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner) by Ronald Prent (The Scorpions, Def Leppard, Within Temptation).

For the members of Gotthard – Nic Maeder (vocals), Leo Leoni (guitar), Marc Lynn (bass), Hena Habegger (drums) and Freddy Scherer (guitar), the dynamic boogie groove of the title track is also new ground for the band, reflecting their unbridled energy and pure confidence.

For Maeder, BANG! is not only his second album with GOTTHARD, but also the convincing proof that he belongs in the band, that he has become one of them and his voice and his qualities as a songwriter are indispensable.

Title track BANG!, the first single off the album, truly represents the GOTTHARD sound and evolution. Catchy hooks, wailing guitars and Maeder’s lush vocals grab your ear, making BANG! a song you will never forget. These songs are set a

gainst a background of classic Gotthard rock tunes like ‘Get Up ‘N’ Move On’, ‘Jump The Gun’ and ‘My Belief’ which traditionally grace every album by the Swiss combo. All told, BANG! presents a compelling mix that is sure to take its rightful place in the proud legend of Gotthard.

“You can’t really compare different albums, but if one record comes closest in sound,

it is probably Lipservice(2005), except there’s more of a playful feel to BANG! and the arrangements spring one or two surprises,” says Habegger.


1. Let Me In Katie
2. Bang!
3. Get Up ‘N’ Move On
4. Feel What I Feel
5. C’est La Vie
6. Jump The Gun
7. Spread Your Wings
8. I Won’t Look Down
9. My Belief
10. Maybe (Duet Version)
11. Red On A Sleeve
12. What You Get
13. Mr. Ticket Man
14. Thank You

US Bonus Tracks:
15. I Want It All16. You Can’t Stop Me
17. My Daddy Told Me



No doubt about it, you can’t hit the nail any harder on the head than in the chorus of ‘Bang!,’ the title song on the new Gotthard album. The Swiss rock band has been at home touring the globe for over 20 years throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia on the back of 14 studio and live albums. Gotthard have collected multiple gold and platinum awards on the way, selling almost three million records and appearing at the biggest, most important festivals on the map of rock. The five members of the band are looking forward to releasing their new album BANG! with as much excitement as any of their previous releases. To be absolutely clear: they have raised the bar of their ambitions and aspirations, their expectations of what they hope to achieve could not be higher. “There’s a newfound homogeneity to the band which has had a positive effect on the quality of our work and we feel that these 15 songs go a long way to proving that. When Nic joined us two years ago on Firebirth, the pressure on us was naturally enormous, but we had the element of surprise on our side and Gotthard stayed true to Gotthard, even with a new singer”, as bass player Marc Lynn explains. “This time around it is up to us to prove, in fact we want to prove, that the standards we set on Firebirth were no flash in the pan. And I’m sure that we have succeeded in doing that.”

Indeed, Firebirth brilliantly opened the second chapter of the Gotthard story, the first having been abruptly and prematurely ended by the tragic death of Steve Lee, lead singNew adventures aplenty can be found on BANG! such as the first Gotthard song to feature French lyrics – ‘C’est la Vie’ (accordion included). The dynamic boogie groove of the title track is also new ground for the band, reflecting their unbridled energy and pure confidence. Also worthy of mention is a duet with the unknown (so far) American vocalist Melody Tibbits on a ballad entitled ‘Maybe’. As is the blues excursion the band takes in ‘Spread Your Wings’. The final ‘Thank You’ is a veritable epic complete with orchestra and goosebumps, flowing against radio friendly convention to a length of more than ten minutes. Written as a tribute to the departed mother of guitarist Leo Leoni, it serves as a homage to mothers everywhere. It is also the longest Gotthard song ever. First single from the new album is ‘Feel What I Feel’, a perfect demonstration of the group’s talent for combining melodic vocals with strong guitar hooks. These songs are set against a background of classic Gotthard rock tunes like ‘Get Up‘N’Move On’, ‘Jump The Gun’, and ‘My Belief’, which traditionally grace every album by the Swiss combo. All told, BANG! presents a compelling mix which is sure to take its rightful place in the proud legend of in the band for so many years. Lee was on a trip with friends when he was killed in a motorcycle accident on Interstate 15 between Mesquite and Las Vegas. A period of intense mourning followed for the rest of the band. They talked long and hard about their change in circumstance before enlisting Nic Maeder, who had left Switzerland for Australia, as their new singer in autumn 2011.

Today Gotthard can look forward resolutely and confidently to a new phase in their inimitable story of success. “Nic is a breath of fresh air, adding a certain spirit of youth into the songs, which has really been good for us” guitarist Leo Leoni is happy to report. Leoni produced the BANG! album together with Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween, Saxon et al). His guitarist colleague Freddy Scherer elaborates: “The trick is to blend Nic’s modern approach with the typical Gotthard sound and, at the same time, be open to new adventures.”

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