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Forget Where’s Waldo, Where’s James Iha?

Looking to spot James Iha around town? Men’s Journal recommends heading over to Angel’s Share in Manhattan to grab a drink

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Angel’s Share (New York, NY)

Angel's Share (New York, NY)

If you’re looking for cocktail perfection, every detail is critical. Start with the ice – really. “This is a ridiculous thing to say,” musician James Iha tells ‘Men’s Journal,’ “but the ice at Angel’s Share is great. Their bourbon on the rocks looks like a minimalist work of art.”

Iha, the former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist, has lived in New York’s East Village for over a decade. He’s a regular at Angel’s Share, a speakeasy-style hideaway located behind an unmarked door inside Village Yokocho, an East Village Japanese restaurant in the area known historically as Little Tokyo.

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