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Enoch Magazine Live Review of Sponge – Summerland Tour 2013 – Kansas City, KS

Live Review/Photos of Sponge – Summerland Tour 2013 – Kansas City, KS

sponge live kansas city summerland 2013

“As the first notes of Wax Ecstatic rung out, the band was full of energy and you could tell that they’ve been in the music business for over 20 years. They still had the energy like it was the first show they ever played. The second song of the set was the hit Molly, from their first release. They began the song slow letting the fans sing along and then kicked it up full force.

As the set came to a close and the opening notes of Plowed rang out the crowd was going crazy. What impressed me the most, was during the first chorus, the singer jumped off stage and ran all the out to the grass, where he sang the rest of the song with fans gathering around….The singer was going above and beyond to make sure the fans had the same experience in the grass as the fans did in the pit…If you have a chance to catch Sponge live don’t hesitate. After all these years they still have what it takes to entertain a crowd and rock out.”

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