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Empress AD Announce New Album “Still Life Moving Fast”



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“Few bands can match Empress AD’s seamless balance of hooks and heaviness, atmosphere and aggression. Definitely a Band to Watch.” – REVOLVER

As part of a unique partnership with The End Records/ADA and Roadrunner Records, British prog-metal band EMPRESS AD are excited to reveal details of their highly anticipated debut album, titled ‘Still Life Moving Fast’, set for release in North America September 2nd.

Having taken time to carefully hone their style of the music they love, EMPRESS AD, formed in 2011 by brothers Ollie (guitar and vocals) and Alex Loring (bass), together with Edd Unwin (drums) and Tom Meadon (guitar), have written an arsenal of songs that veer from an expansive, progressive sound to an aggressive, controlled roar. Citing their influences as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, the Berkshire four piece locked themselves away in a UK studio with experienced New York-based producer, Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Pelican, Old Man Gloom) to craft their debut. Their method of recording the music live, quickly, and as organically as possible has led to noticeable nuances within the album – details for the listener to pick up on after repeated plays – but, more importantly, it has led to the kind of natural feel to the music that cannot be replicated with a couple of extra weeks tweaking behind the scenes.

The result is a debut album for the ages. With lyrics that focus upon suggestive metaphors for the intangible minutiae of everyday life rather than relationships and lost love, this is a band of musicians as focused upon grooving together as one as they are on their songwriting and being able to relate to fans on an emotional level. Soothing and utterly crushing in turn, EMPRESS AD’s music juxtaposes gentle harmonies with frantic ferocity; relaxed strumming followed by thrash beats, time signature changes and other meanderings that you’ll just have to find out about for yourself.

The album’s artwork (below) was created by San Francisco artist Seth Curcio.

Comprised of ten songs, the album’s track listing is:

01 Still Life Moving Fast
02 Invisible Conductor
03 Delve Into The Retrospect
04 Deeper In Disguise
05 From Where I Cannot Reach
06 On My Return
07 Blurred Perception
08 Haunted By Time
09 Did We See
10 Consumed

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View the video for ‘Blurred Perception’ here:

You might already be familiar with EMPRESS AD from their unswerving stints on the road over the last couple of years with Baroness, Cancer Bats, and Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Arcane Roots and Kvelertak, most recently. Catch the band next at this summer’s Hevy Fest at Port Lympne mid-August.

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