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  • Electronic Goth Rock Duo PRAYERS Announce New Record Deal with BMG


    "Meet PRAYERS, the San Diego cholo-goth duo who want to
    break down every barrier in sight." -Noisey/Vice

    "San Diego duo PRAYERS rep the 'cholo goth' sound and lifestyle." -LA Weekly

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (September 25, 2017) – PRAYERS have signed with BMG for the release of their forthcoming studio album, available later this year. With gritty lyrics exposing the harsh realities of gang and street life, coupled with love and loss over throbbing beats and swirling synthesizers, electronic duo PRAYERS bring an authentic urban feel to Goth music, a mix of genres that crosses cultural and societal boundaries and breaks stereotypes.   

    PRAYERS create a modern dystopian landscape based in both brutal reality and transcendental occultism. Featuring Leafar Seyer on vocals and synth and Dave Parley on beats and synth, PRAYERS straddle interlocking worlds: both members were born in Mexico—Seyer in Cotija, Michochan and Parley in Tijuana—and both grew up watching MTV and listening to punk and goth. Their creativity draws on the conflict of embracing of alternative, underground styles rather than traditional Chicancismo, the dissonance of their existence as indigenous people treated as immigrants on their ancestral land, and their status as Mexicans playing in what has long been viewed as a white genre.  

    In their upcoming album, PRAYERS promise to deliver "the next chapter in our unique story through pulsating, driving beats, and vocals straight from the core of our souls that tell the stories we live every day. This record is a deeper glimpse inside ourselves, which also serves as a mirror for all mankind. Our mission and message are more important than ever, as the times we live in are darker than ever."

    Says Leafar Seyer, "We are thrilled to sign to BMG for this next chapter of PRAYERS. We have been a DIY band for the most part, and have never shyed away from hard work and commitment. This signing is the fruit of our labors up to now, and we are ready to move to a new level as part of our new partnership."

    Influenced by Christian Death, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, Pet Shop Boys and other dark 80s music as well as Seyer's life as member in one of San Diego's oldest gangs, Sherman Grant Hill Park 27, PRAYERS are considered the pioneers of Cholo goth. Seyer’s experiences in Sherman GHP and his transmutation into an acclaimed fine artist, author, and now counterculture idol, form the foundation of PRAYERS, with the singer expressing his real life conquests over betrayal, rejection, and false imprisonment of the body and spirit, as he fights the ultimate battle to transcend this world and its boundaries.

    PRAYERS’ dynamic music, Seyer’s direct yet poetic lyrics, the stark blackwhite neo-noir videos which combine true street stories and esoteric spirituality, and their compelling, authentic live shows drew immediate attention to PRAYERS. They made their first splash with the SD Killwave EP, which was was released online in 2013 and on vinyl and CD in 2014. Gothic Summer followed in 2014, which included the hit title track which sky-rocketed the duo onto the main stage, with its accompanying video winning the San Diego Film Festival Awards for Best Music Video and Best Music Video Editing, accumulating over 1M views to date. In 2015, Travis Barker signed PRAYERS to his label and produced their next release entitled Young Gods, which also features Skinhead Rob and DJ Klever. The same year, the band won the San Diego Music Award for Best Alternative Band, just weeks before it was announced they were to perform at Coachella. 

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