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    Eklipse are the muses of their instruments. Four young, gifted virtuosos who break the boundaries of convention – sexy, edgy, take-no-prisoners beauties. An unconditional love of music led the four characters who couldn’t be more different, yet couldn’t be more alike, to each other. Some say it was kismet. The fates had conspired to bring the four protagonists in this story together during the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg. It was the moment their hearts and minds met. Just one year later, the four took to the stage as Eklipse, winning over the international concert scene. And now it’s time for their next coup.

    Delicate, seductive, thoughtful, comforting – a work of art made of imagination and style. The fragile form of its creation is like something that simply must be kept safe from harm. Like a vulnerable creature, thought triumphs over unconditional aspiration. Floating on ELECTRIC AIR, senses rise to the heights of the electric heavens. Concentration focuses its energy on beauty in its pure, unadulterated form. Whatever the mind can imagine is allowed. As different as these four heroines may be, with their instruments in their hands, they are united by the desire to lose themselves forever in music.

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