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Eklipse, Anvil, Spirits of the Dead this week on WEOS The Metallic Onslaught

Metallic Onslaught

Spirits of the DeadEklipse, and Anvil on WEOS Metallic Onslaught

For the week of June 24, 2013


Scorpion Child
August Burns Red
Fight Or Flight


Dio – Fever Dreams
Queens Of The Stone Age – I Sat By The Ocean
Jorn – I Came To Rock
Moon Curse – Black Elk

Metallica – Trapped Under Ice
Havok – Worse Than War
Darkane – Collapse Of Illusions
Brutus – Square Headed Dog
Amon Amarth – We Shall Destroy
Kalmah – Pikemaster

Extol – Behold The Sun
The Black Dahlia Murder – Phantom Limb Masterbation
Alice In Chains – Lab Monkey
Huntress – Destroy Your Life
Dream Death – Bludgeon

Wolf – A Dangerous Meeting
Scorpion Child – Salvation Slave
August Burns Red – Count It All As Lost
Anger As Art – Speed Kills

Satan – Time To Die
Into The Flood – Sufferer
Children of Bodom – Damaged Beyond Repair
A Pale Horse Named Death – The Needle In You
Evile – Skull
Anvil – Call Of Duty
The Quill – Freak Parade

Spirits Of The Dead – Song Of Many Reefs
Mumakil – Fresh Meat For The Grinder
King Kobra – The Crunch
Battlecross – Wage A War
Gutted – Collector Of Souls
Beyond Creation – Omnipresent Perception

White Wizzard – Kings Of The Highway
Queensryche – X2
Queensryche – Where Dreams Go To Die
Zed – Settle The Score
Megadeth – Kingmaker
Demon Lung – Eyes Of Zamiel

Pasadena Napalm Division – 100 Beers With A Zombie
Svartcrown – Genesis Architect
Colossus – Beacons
Disfigured Dead – Deranged Concecration
Yellowtooth – ’75 Black Pontiac
Venomous Maximus – Father Time
Venomous Maximus – Dream Again

Revelation’s Hammer – Buried As Filth
Kalmah – Windlake Tale
The Black Dahlia Murder – Control
Havok – Living Nightmare


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