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Dead Letter Circus on Google Play’s Top New Metal

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Dead Letter Circus Still Top of Google Play’s New Metal


Get Dead Letter CircusThe Catalyst Fire on Google play now! The album is still topping the website’s Top New Metal list!

The Catalyst Fire absolutely meets the hype. More than that, it is the perfect follow up to an already masterful debut.” –

The Catalyst Fire is a standout album in 2013. It has all everything a fan of Dead Letter Circus will hope for and then some. ” –

“The songs on The Catalyst Fire are as fully realized as ever, each on grand scale and layered thick with ambition. Lead single “Lodestar” and “Lost Without Leaders” exhibit the soaring soundscapes of DLC’s more bombastic cuts while tracks such as “The Veil” let the melody dominate.” –

The Catalyst Fire, is darker and snappier in its execution than This is The Warning, making for a subtle evolution of an already very strong base.” –

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