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  • Davidge - Slo Light

  • Slo Light

    "Cate le Bon waving surreal poetry through the electro pulse of Gallant Foxes and Sandie Shaw adding emotional luster to Riot Pictures’ string harmonies. What really fascinates, is the way Davidge pulls the musical strings throughout."Q Magazine

    "The beats and grooves are as expected gorgeous and chilled, and his soundscapes are accented by an array of vocal collaborators. It’s an album that demands your full attention." - Big Shot Mag

    "What Davidge has made is a lovingly detailed melodic album, its mood is more night than day and it exists within its own orbit and will defiantly demand your full attention."Polari Magazine

  • Tracklist

    01. Slo Light (feat. Stephonik Youth) - 05:29
    02. Gallant Foxes (feat. Cate Le Bon) - 05:10
    03. How Was Your Day (feat. Karima Francis) - 06:35
    04. Home From Home (feat. Low Roar) - 05:07
    05. They Won't Know (feat. Stephonik Youth) - 05:52
    06. That Fever (feat. Claire Tchaikowski) - 04:09
    07. Riot Pictures (feat. Sandi Shaw) - 04:45
    08. Zero One Zero (feat. Stephonik Youth) - 05:12
    09. Sleepwalking (feat. Emi Green) - 05:43
    10. Anyone Laughing (feat. Claire Tchaikowski) - 06:58
    11. Hummingbird (feat. Patrick Duff) - 08:25
    12. Discovering the Universe - That Fever ANHM Version - 08:59

    Release date: Feb 25th, 2014