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Cryptic Rock Reviews Dead Letter Circus’ Album ‘The Catalyst Fire’

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Read Cryptic Rock review of Dead Letter Circus‘ release ‘The Catalyst Fire’


‘As is expected, when bands push the envelope in terms of their sound or style there is typically backlash from die-hard supporters and critics. However, when it comes toThe Catalyst Fire, it is readily apparent that this is the type of album that will not only silence the critics and naysayers but also attract new followers. The cross pollination of catchy rock and musical precision presents Dead Letter Circus with the unique opportunity to make commercially viable music with real integrity and depth. Bands within the genre who seek to find a happy medium between these two commonly conflicting musical avenues should look to Dead Letter Circus for inspiration. All in all, this album is a very strong effort, and Cryptic Rock gives it 5 out of 5 stars!’
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