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Cryptic Rock Interviews Chris Taylor Brown Of Trapt


Read this interview of Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt with Cryptic Rock


‘Dedication, drive, and determination are 3 key elements to success in anything in life. Making it in music is one of the hardest feats to accomplish and only a select few do so. Trapt etched their own path to success with a passion to bring their music to the masses. That all came together over a decade ago with the release of their major label debut Trapt (2002). The record spawned the hits “Headstrong” “Still Frame”, and “Echo”. The band has kept that momentum going through the years with a string of solid rock records. Looking to fortify their legacy in rock Trapt took a bold move in 2012 breaking free from record labels releasing their new album Rebornindependently in 2013. With their fate in their own hands the band is looking to make a bigger splash than ever before in the coming year. Recently we sat down with lead singer and songwriter Chris Taylor Brown for a personal look at the drive behind Trapt, willing to take risks, staying true to uncompromising visions, and much more.’ – Cryptic Rock

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