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    We all do battles in our daily lives. You win some, you lose some. Armed With their third album BATTLES, Baltimore's own Charm City Devils are battle tested and ready to have their bluesy, Southern-tinged hard rock anthems heard by the masses. It is one fight they are prepared to win.

    BATTLES scorches and crackles, cementing Charm City Devils, who've been making a rock 'n' roll racket since 2008 and whose original lineup remains in tact to this day, as an in-your-face, modern rock band. But it's not all crashing cymbals and thermonuclear riffs. The album is comprised of equal parts hooks and heart. Onstage is where the band comes to life. They sharpened their live chops by touring with Motley Crue and Godsmack as part of CrueFest 2 and are supremely confident in their abilities and growth as a band. Essentially, they are ready for their next Battles.

    At this point in their career, Charm City Devils have gained plenty of experience. With three albums in their arsenal, they have narrowed their focus to a singular goal and that's to rock. Their music and their live prowess are the connective tissues between the band and the fans and are the outlets to ease frustration we all face.

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