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Early Preview: Listen to The Mission’s 4 Tracks Sampler!

Listen to 4 Exclusive tracks from The Mission on Soundcloud Tracklisting 1. Swan Song 2. Born Under A Good Sign 3. Just Another Pawn In Your Game 4. Ain't No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Us Now Pre - Order The Upcoming 'The Brightest Light' HERE … [Read more...]

The Mission in the City of Angels Sept 10th

The Mission are coming for you La La Land! 9/10 … [Read more...]

Side-Line Magazine gives an amazing review to The Mission’s new album “The Brightest Light”

Side-Line Magazine gives an amazing review to The Mission's new album "The Brightest Light" "The Mission has been often considered as one of the leading gothic formations, but “The Brightest Light” has less in common with gothic. Hussey has been always inspired by rock music, but we never get a Mission-rock album, properly speaking. “The Brightest Light” still sounds Mission-like because there’s the typical and easy recognizable voice timbre of Hussey and you expect a guitarist … [Read more...]

The Mission Hit the Windy City Sept 7th

The Mission are coming for you Chi-Town! 9/7 … [Read more...]

The Mission Interview with Amps and Green Screens

The Mission's Wayne Hussey catches up with Amps and Green Screens "... I will share my joy that original members Wayne, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler, and drummer Mike Kelly decided to get together and deliver an album of great songs." -Damian, Amps and Green Screens Clearly excited by The Mission's forthcoming album, "The Brightest Light", A&GS chronicles a recent chat between Damian and Wayne Hussey. In the interview, Hussey is questioned about the legendary band's newest album, living … [Read more...]

The Mission will be CN You Sept 6th

The Mission are coming for you Toronto! 9/6 … [Read more...]

Reviews: The Mission, “The Brightest Light”

The Mission's "The Brightest Light" Review by Reflections of Darkness Petra Whiteley takes a candid look at the thirteenth studio album from The Mission, awarding "The Brightest Light" 7/10 for music, 8/10 for sound, and   7.5/10 in total. See  the full review HERE. "The Brightest Light" is due for release on September 17th, but is available for pre-order NOW. See The Mission in a city near you! … [Read more...]

The Mission Bite the Big Apple Sept 5th

The Mission are coming for you NY! … [Read more...]

The Mission Get Philthy on Sept 4th!

The Mission are coming for you Philly! 9/4 … [Read more...]

The Mission Take On The Capital Sept 3rd

The Mission are coming DC! 9/3 … [Read more...]

Reviews: The Mission’s “The Brightest Light”

Evilsponge Reviews The Mission's "The Brightest Light" "The best moments on The Brightest Light can be found where the band is not trying to rock out, and I am surprised to find that I like the slower blues-twang tracks...." -Inspector Jason Inspector Jason looks at the "bluesy 'trucker goth'" band's latest album in terms of itself, not comparing it to any of its predecessors. "The Brightest Light" is awarded four sponges (out of a possible seven).  And just in case you're wondering, … [Read more...]

The Spill Magazine Interviewed Wayne Hussey from The Mission

Check out this interview of Wayne Hussey from The Mission with The Spill Magazine In a year of comebacks encompassing everyone from Bowie to Boards of Canada, the Mission are preparing to release their first album in six years.  Spill Magazine recently enjoyed a chat with singer Wayne Hussey on the phone from his base in Brazil.  Having reassembled the band with the original members bar drummer Mick Brown, we wanted to investigate how it came about.  So how did you reunite the band … [Read more...]