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Exclaim Reviews American Sharks

American Sharks gets reviewed by Exclaim  "American Sharks' debut is a great deal of fun." Natalie Zina Walschots for Exclaim writes about American Sharks debut album saying, "The blithe, high energy attitude of the record makes it a very entertaining." The Texan trio blaze through the album with "fat, fuzzy rock and acerbic spitting of the '70s before careening off into the crazy, crash-heavy metal of the early '90s." Read the full review HERE. … [Read more...]

New Noise Magazine Reviews The Mission

The Mission back on track with The Brightest Light New Noise Magazine reviews The Mission's newly-released The Brightest Light.  The Mission has emerged from its 90's lull and has "indeed found its mojo once again." "Let me tell you, this is no longer the fey and frail Mission of the mid ’90s. This is a band with a penchant for power." Click HERE to read the full review.   … [Read more...]

American Sharks Review on Amps and Green Screens

American Sharks get 8.5/10 on Amps & Green Screens "A fast, loud, dose of punk rock and sludge, designed to be blared loudly in a party setting." American Sharks are front and center on Amps and Green Screens' homepage with a rave review from Damian. The band receive a glowing 8.5/10, with the reviewer noting "The guitars are fuzzy, the drums aren’t overly complicated, and it doesn’t slow down, not for a second." American Sharks self-titled debut album was released yesterday. Read … [Read more...]

The Mission Reviewed on Classic Rock Revisited

The Mission scores a B for The Brightest Light "In fact, it’s safe to say that  original members Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Kinkler and newbie drummer Mike Kelly may have made the best album the band has ever made." -Jeb Wright Can't beat that statement! Classic Rock Revisited gives The Mission's latest offering, The Brightest Light, a B grade; which for them translates as "Buy It"! The Brightest Light was released yesterday and has been receiving rave reviews from far and … [Read more...]

Real Detroit Weekly Review of Sponge’s ‘Stop The Bleeding’

Sponge 'Stop The Bleeding Reviewed by Real Detroit Weekly 'Full of angst and passion, Sponge's latest album, Stop the Bleeding, gives hope to new beginnings. "I've given up, I've given up, I've given up on feeling sorry" shouts lead singer Vinnie Dombroski on "Star", the opening track. The proceeding numbers seem to follow the same moody and reclusive pattern, with names such as "Destroy the Boy", "Dare to Breathe" and "Fade From View". Although that ominous feel never seems to leave the … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews: American Sharks on PureGrainAudio

American Sharks gets 6.8/10 on PureGrainAudio  "I like the punk influences as they add a nice bit of speed, aggression, and attitude - something not commonly found on other releases in this genre." -Bruce Moore American Sharks' self-titled debut album scores an impressive 6.8 out of 10 from Bruce Moore on PureGrainAudio. He notes, "American Sharks is a solid effort and a super fun listen." Read the full review HERE. American Sharks is set for release on September 17th, but is available … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews: Crossfaith on Stereoboard

Crossfaith 5/5 on Stereoboard "It’s about time someone sent the Japanese metal scene crashing into the wider consciousness and with ‘Apocalyze’, Crossfaith have assembled a convincing argument that it should be them wielding the hammer." -Alec Chillingworth Chillingworth details the progression of Crossfaith's latest album "APOCALYZE" and gives it an unbeatable 5/5 on Check out the full review, and buy the album! … [Read more...]

Side-Line Magazine gives an amazing review to The Mission’s new album “The Brightest Light”

Side-Line Magazine gives an amazing review to The Mission's new album "The Brightest Light" "The Mission has been often considered as one of the leading gothic formations, but “The Brightest Light” has less in common with gothic. Hussey has been always inspired by rock music, but we never get a Mission-rock album, properly speaking. “The Brightest Light” still sounds Mission-like because there’s the typical and easy recognizable voice timbre of Hussey and you expect a guitarist … [Read more...]

Oregonmusicnews Reviews Crossfaith’s “APOCALYZE”

Crank Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE" to 11! That's Ruben Mosqueda's advice regarding this late-summer release. "Apocalyze is a 50+ minute pummeling which includes break-downs, MIDI sequences, thrashy riffs and a battalion of beats" says Mosqueda, who also notes that "Crossfaith will turn the metalcore scene on its ear." Check out Mosqueda's full review HERE, get the album HERE, and prepare to have a new favorite band. … [Read more...]

Reviews: The Mission, “The Brightest Light”

The Mission's "The Brightest Light" Review by Reflections of Darkness Petra Whiteley takes a candid look at the thirteenth studio album from The Mission, awarding "The Brightest Light" 7/10 for music, 8/10 for sound, and   7.5/10 in total. See  the full review HERE. "The Brightest Light" is due for release on September 17th, but is available for pre-order NOW. See The Mission in a city near you! … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews: Crossfaith, “APOCALYZE”

Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE" gets 8/10 from ChrisCave for gives an in-depth and shining review of Crossfaith's "APOCALYZE." Early on in the review he notes: "Yes they’re blowing up now, and once this album releases officially… they’re going to blow up like crazy.  I stand by that, because off all of the hard work that they put into this album." Chris goes through the album track-by-track, and gives it a whopping 8/10! Read the … [Read more...]

Reviews: The Mission’s “The Brightest Light”

Evilsponge Reviews The Mission's "The Brightest Light" "The best moments on The Brightest Light can be found where the band is not trying to rock out, and I am surprised to find that I like the slower blues-twang tracks...." -Inspector Jason Inspector Jason looks at the "bluesy 'trucker goth'" band's latest album in terms of itself, not comparing it to any of its predecessors. "The Brightest Light" is awarded four sponges (out of a possible seven).  And just in case you're wondering, … [Read more...]