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REVIEW: RR “Each Song Is Intoxicating”

Blue Bird Reviews checks out Rich Robinson's upcoming solo album 'The Ceaseless Sight" Read the review HERE … [Read more...]

Nina Persson’s ‘Animal Heart’ Reviewed by The Bay Area Reporter

The Bay Area Reporter compliments the Swedish songstress Nina Persson and her first solo album 'Animal Heart' "It was only a matter of time before Nina Persson, the lead singer of Swedish band The Cardigans ("Lovefool") and later A Camp (with husband Nathan Larson of Shudder To Think fame), released a solo album as rewarding as Animal Heart (The End). Well worth the wait,Animal Heart gives Persson a chance to exhibit her versatility. On the dramatic "Burning Bridges for Fuel," Persson … [Read more...]

Review: Gives 3 Years Hollow 7.5 out of 10

Read this great review of 3 Years Hollow on 'If you are looking for some quality-sounding, top-notch hard rock then look no further than The Cracks, the latest release from rock/metal band 3 Years Hollow. Everything a hard rock fan could wish for is herein included on this disc and unlike numerous other acts in this genre, 3 Years Hollow's music is not formulaic. In fact, i'll go so far as saying that it's fresh, vibrant and keeps you guessing as to what will come … [Read more...]

Metal Master Kingdom Reviews Helloween’s show at City National Grove

Read Helloween's show review by Metal Master Kingdom 'With some of the best sound and lighting I have ever seen from a concert production, this was one hell of a show. Having fans young and old singing along with every Helloween song, and seeing all the energy from both the crowd and the band, this show is definitely on my favorites list.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

“Electric Air” gets 4 Star Review from The Daily News

Eklipse's "Electric Air" Receives 4 Stars from The Daily News "Eklipse continues its quest to redefine the way we think of classical music on its sophomore full-length "Electric Air."" … [Read more...]

“Electric Air” Review on Colossal Pop

Eklipse's Electric Air Review on Colossal Pop "Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” is absolutely gorgeous. The combination of the strings backed by the gongs make it sound tremendously powerful."  -Mark Fisher Eklipse's sophomore album, Electric Air, was released on September 3rd, and has received a glowing review from Colossal Pop. "[Eklipse] have solidified themselves as an endearing force with their duo of albums." Massive Attack's "Teardrop" is described as "an almost spiritual … [Read more...]

Colossal Pop Review Sponge

Sponge Release "Solid Album" in Colossal Pop Review Sponge's first album since 2010, Stop the Bleeding, has received a stellar review from Mark Fisher at Colossal Pop. The eleven-track record features five new songs, five songs from their Destroy the Boy EP, and a cover of Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." "If you like chorus heavy, big, rock and roll... then don’t be afraid to check out Stop the Bleeding," writes Fisher. Click here for Colossal Pop's full REVIEW. … [Read more...]

American Sharks Review in The Aquarian

"Unrelenting" American Sharks feature in The Aquarian "The sound American Sharks creates is so massive that it’s hard to believe it’s created by a trio of musicians." Robert Gluck reviews American Sharks brand new album for New Jersey's The Aquarian, noting the Texan trio's " hard rock style in a succinct delivery." The self-titled album, which clocks in at around the twenty-minute mark, has "a driving force that is produced by the Nick Cornetti’s pummeling drums, Mike Hardin’s … [Read more...]

American Sharks and The Ripple Effect

"Good Old Fashioned Rock and Roll": American Sharks Review by The Ripple Effect "Heavy guitars, riff after glorious riff, and a shitload of adrenaline." Soda Bill writes for The Ripple Effect saying, "American Sharks gets released on CD and vinyl September 17th, 2013. Make sure you give it a listen, you'll be glad you did." "The album is fast paced. It's like the band took a page from punk pioneers like The Clash or the Sex Pistols, mixed it with some great Texas based rock with a hint … [Read more...]

American Sharks on GrizzReviews

Release the Sharks! "The time is upon us!  American Sharks' debut album “American Sharks” is finally here via The End Records! The breakneck pace provided by Nick Cornetti (Drums), the primeval-punk vocals of Mike Hardin (Bass, Vocals) with Will Ellis’ slick technical guitar accentuated by a savage amount of fuzz and volume (Guitar) creates the signature sound of American Sharks. Collectively, the bad has hollowed out the standard body of stoner rock aspects, replacing the engine … [Read more...]

Love Is Pop on American Sharks

View, Review, and Tour: The Whole 9 Yards of American Sharks Love is Pop serves up a huge dish of American Sharks, highlighting their new self-titled album, "Overdrive" video, and list of tour dates. American Sharks are described by Love is Pop as "a wonderful blend of stoner rock, metal and punk." "Everything about American Sharks’ music is groovy though.  Singer/bassist Mike Hardin’s bass guitar licks are smooth and inviting, meanwhile Will Ellis’ guitars put forth oodles of … [Read more...]

American Sharks and The Power of a Single

American Sharks Review on Since My Baby Left Me  "It had very good tunes and high energy and spirits were constant and present in every song." Toi Brownstone for Since My Baby Left Me writes a powerful review (entitled"The Power of a Single") of American Sharks' eponymous debut album, which was released on September 17th. Brownstown, clearly enamored of the album, writes "Thus this is my latest discovery, really an adrenaline bomb, and I’m definitely spreading the word, because we need … [Read more...]