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Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Rock n’ Roll in Massachusetts!

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Rank Top 10 in 90.7 WTCC's Top 40! Pop-rock's dynamic duo Hey! Hello! rolls in at #3 with "S/T", closely followed by Norwegian psychedelic-folk- stoners Spirits of the Dead's "Rumours of a Presence" at #6 in 90.7 WTCC Rock/Metal Top 40! Here's the rundown of the Top 10: 1 AMON AMARTH - DECEIVER OF THE GODS 2 CHIMAIRA - CROWN OF PHANTOMS  3 HEY! HELLO! - S/T 4 NEWSTED - HEAVY METAL MUSIC 5 BATTLECROSS - WAR OF WILL  6 SPIRITS OF THE DEAD … [Read more...]

Midwest Record Reviews Eklipse and Hey! Hello!

Midwest Record Reviews Eklipse and Hey! Hello! EKLIPSE/Electric Air: I miss Bond, Rasputina and Darling Violetta. Eklipse capture the best of all of them, drops the dross and adds their own spin in the end. With a fashion sense 180 degrees away from Bond's, these four Goth lasses do semi classical interpretations of the recent vintage down mouth rock from alt to shoe gaze to dour pop and give it all their own stamp. Without Mike Batt's over seeing this outing like he did for Bond, the feeling … [Read more...]

Victoria Liedtke from Hey! Hello! Featured in Classic Rock Magazine!

Check out Victoria Liedtke from Hey! Hello! in Classic Rock Magazine! In next months issue of Classic Rock Magazine (Issue 188), there is a great feature on Victoria Liedtke and Hey! Hello! On sale Wednesday 14th August. Don't Forget: Hey! Hello! is up for "Best New Band" at this years Classic Rock Magazine Awards. Please take a moment to vote! We really appreciate your support Photo: By the ridiculously … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! have been nominated for “Best New Band” at this year’s Classic Rock Awards

Vote for Hey! Hello! at this year's Classic Rock Awards Hey! Hello! are nominated in the "Best New Band" category with Scorpion Child, Hidden Masters, Free Fall, The Temperance Movement, Beware Of Darkness, Deap Vally, The Graveltones, and Walking Papers! Click HERE to Vote for Hey! Hello! … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Featured on iTunes!!!

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Featured on iTunes Hey!  Hello! and Spirits of the Dead take over iTunes. Hey! Hello! after an amazing debut album release last week with a #1 spot on the UK pop charts is featured in iTunes homepage and the Rock page. Ginger and Victoria's just released their amazingly fun music videos "Swimwear", which has already garnered 17,000 views in only a week. “Norway’s finest psychedelic-stoner-folk-band” Spirits of the Dead keep rolling … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! Releases Video For ‘Swimwear’ || Album Hits #1 On The UK Charts

HEY! HELLO! RELEASES VIDEO FOR 'SWIMWEAR' ALBUM HITS #1 ON THE UK CHARTS AVAILABLE NOW VIA THE END RECORDS STREM THE FULL ALBUM ON PURE GRAIN AUDIO NOW! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (July XX, 2013) - The best party rock album of the year is here withHey! Hello!'s debut release available now via The End Records. The group is comprised of US vocalist Victoria Liedtkeand UK multi instrumentalist Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts). The ten song opus, produced … [Read more...]

Pure Grain Audio: Hey! Hello! [Album Stream]

Pure Grain Audio: Hey! Hello! [Album Stream]   "Victoria Liedtke and Ginger Wildheart are the two musical minds that together comprise the rock band Hey! Hello!. The duo released their self-titled debut via The End Records on Tuesday July 22, 2013 and are streaming it online for the world to hear - and sound like, "[a] delicious cheeseburger for the aural senses". How awesome is that?" Hit up Pure Grain Audio for the full article and album stream HERE. … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! Album Review at Dedicated Rocker Society – “Highly Recommended”

Hey! Hello! Album Review at Dedicated Rocker Society - "Highly Recommended" "The debut release for Hey! Hello! is a straight up rock till you drop rocker if there ever was one. Has my vote for "Rock soundtrack of the Summer of 2013". Big guitars, sing along choruses and superb harmonies throughout. Frontman Ginger of The Wildhearts certainly doesn't like the quiet life. One thing's for sure, though, with Hey! Hello!, Ginger has definitely raised the bar and shows why he is musical genius! By … [Read more...]

100% Rock Magazine Gives Hey!Hello! 10 Out of 10

100% Rock Magazine Reviews Hey!Hello! Debut Album with a 10/10 "Hey Hello! Is one of Ginger’s latest projects, a “noisy pop” collaboration with New York chanteuse Victoria Liedke who contributes sugary pop vocals while he plays all the instruments, including the drums, which he learnt especially for this album. Ginger’s love of Cheap Trick style catchy melodies and singalong choruses combined with the finest power pop sensibilities and a rock outlook meld perfectly … [Read more...]

Helloween and Hey! Hello! on Steel 93 Radio

Helloween and Hey! Hello! on Steel 93 Radio "The STEEL 93 Time Machine has landed in the year 2013. We not only inform you of Rock 'N' Roll's glorious past, but it's current splendid here & now. This week you'll hear songs from the following 2013 albums:   Masterplan - “Novum Initium” (June 18th Release) Queensryche - “Queensryche” (June 25th Release) Pat Travers - “Can Do” (July 9th Release) James Christian - “Lay It All On Me” (July … [Read more...]

Amps And Green Screens Interviewed Victoria From Hey! Hello! Read It Here!

Saying Hey! Hello! With Victoria Liedtke on Amps And Green Screens! 'By now anyone who knows me also knows that I have been telling pretty much everyone who gets within five feet of me how AWESOME the debut album from Hey! Hello! is. If you don’t know, read my earlier review. And if you haven’t already done THAT, I simply have to wonder what’s wrong with you. Ginger Wildheart andVictoria Liedtke have crafted something special, the kind of album that people will be playing for years … [Read more...]

WEOS 89.7FM The Metallic Onslaught Features Hey! Hello! and Spirits Of The Dead

For the week of July 29, 2013 ADDS Chimaira Deadlock Tarja Newsted Counterparts Karnivool Hey! Hello! Volto! SPINS Venom - Don't Burn The Witch Lord Dying - Greed Is Your Horse Burndwiller - Slobbering Souls Order Of The Dead - Neurot/Despot Trouble - One Life Korgull The Exterminator - Korgull The Exterminator Lords Of Trident - Complete Control Castleumbra - Realm Of Utumno Airbourne - Firepower Dream Death - You're Gonna Die Up There I Killed Everyone - Born Of … [Read more...]