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Concert Review: The Mission by Spectrum Culture

Review: The Mission's concert in Portland! ' The Mission UK was in Portland last weekend, still going nearly 30 years after its creation, touring behind new LP The Brightest Light. And while the band couldn’t pack the house, frontman Wayne Hussey proved that the band could still rock, even if half the setlist eschewed what we consider Goth. ' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

Review: The Mission ‘The Brightest Light’ by All Music

Review: The Mission 'The Brightest Light' by All Music  ' This loopy collection is well written and executed. It finds Hussey in excellent voice, and his bandmates playing with an inspiration and raw sense of freedom they've never before exhibited in a studio. The Deluxe Edition contains a bonus disc with two extra songs, "I'm Fallin' Again" and "The Long Way 'Round Is Sometimes the Only Way Home," as well as six Hussey demos of album tracks.'  Click HERE to read more. … [Read more...]

Free Download of The Mission’s New Track

Free Download of The Mission's "From The Oyster Comes The Pearl" Exclusive to fans in the US/Canada, Pure Grain Audio have teamed up with The Mission to offer a free download of the band's song "From The Oyster Comes The Pearl", from the new album The Brightest Light. The Mission's frontman, Wayne Hussey, says, "This is my rock album. It’s all fully flexed muscle and proud of itself." Download the track HERE. … [Read more...]

The Mission’s ‘The Brightest Light’ Reviewed by Grizz Reviews

 Review: The Mission New Album 'The Brightest Light' by Grizz Reviews! 'The Mission’s highly anticipated new studio album ‘The Brightest Light’ now available via The End Records. Initially known as The Sisterhood, The Mission are back with their most exciting album to date. Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams (Sisters of Mercy), & Simon Hinkler, original members all, along with drummer Mike Kelly, came to realize that they actually made quite a decent big ol’ noise together and wanted to … [Read more...]

New Noise Magazine Reviews The Mission

The Mission back on track with The Brightest Light New Noise Magazine reviews The Mission's newly-released The Brightest Light.  The Mission has emerged from its 90's lull and has "indeed found its mojo once again." "Let me tell you, this is no longer the fey and frail Mission of the mid ’90s. This is a band with a penchant for power." Click HERE to read the full review.   … [Read more...]

The Brightest Light explained on AntiMusic

The Mission's Wayne Hussey chats with AntiMusic about The Brightest Light Wayne Hussey discusses how the track "Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place" came to be. "I came up with the chords for STBLCFTDP after listening to a Neil Young with Crazy Horse album, can't remember which one now. Playing the chords was a really satisfying feeling and the melody came easily and quickly." "I think the new Mission album is quite possibly the rawest album we've ever made … [Read more...]

The Mission Reviewed on Classic Rock Revisited

The Mission scores a B for The Brightest Light "In fact, it’s safe to say that  original members Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Kinkler and newbie drummer Mike Kelly may have made the best album the band has ever made." -Jeb Wright Can't beat that statement! Classic Rock Revisited gives The Mission's latest offering, The Brightest Light, a B grade; which for them translates as "Buy It"! The Brightest Light was released yesterday and has been receiving rave reviews from far and … [Read more...]

UK Legends The Mission Release New Studio Album ‘The Brightest Light’ Today On The End Records

UK Legends The Mission Release New Studio Album 'The Brightest Light' Today On The End Records JUST COMPLETED HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL US TOUR “This is my rock album. It’s all fully flexed muscle and proud of itself. I wanted us to capture as closely as possible the sound that we make when we play live and I believe that for the very first time ever we have succeeded.” – Wayne Hussey FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (September 17, 2013) - Today marks the release of cult … [Read more...]

Interview With The Auxiliary Magazine: The Mission

Today's special Interview: The Mission ' Beloved UK gothic rockers The Mission continue to rock and roll. What started as a reunion tour in 2011 has turned into a fully-fledged third incarnation of the band. The lineup of frontman Wayne Hussey, bassist Craig Adams, guitarist Simon Hinkler, and drummer Mike Kelly recently finished their tenth studio album, what Wayne describes as, “a rock record in the truest sense of the word.” Wayne took time out of pre-tour preparations and other … [Read more...]

New Releases Out Today: The Mission ‘The Brightest Light’, American Sharks ‘American Sharks’, And Sponge ‘Stop The Bleeding’

The Mission 'The Brightest Light', American Sharks 'American Sharks' and Sponge 'Stop The Bleeding' are now available! The Mission 'The Brightest Light' You can also order it on The Omega Order American Sharks 'American Sharks' You can also order it on The Omega Order Sponge 'Stop The Bleeding' You can also order it on The Omega Order   … [Read more...]

REVIEW: The Mission – The Brightest Light | Amps and Green Screens

AMPS AND GREEN SCREENS 'THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT' REVIEW I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. I’m so happy I get to share it with you all now. As I told you earlier The Mission are back with a new album, The Brightest Light, out September 17 via The End Records (Thanks for this one, Caitlin!) and I knew as soon as I was halfway through the first song that I HAD to review it. This band really takes me back to my senior year of high school, when I dabbled in them along with The Sisters of … [Read more...]

The Mission + Happy Hollows @ Club Nokia Theatre Reviewed by L.A Record

L.A Record Reviews the Show with Awesome Pictures '“Let me ask you a question LA. Have you missed us?” Of course we have, Wayne Hussey! The Mission (known in the US as The Mission UK) hasn’t been here in years and Club Nokia hosted the gothic rock band from the 80s with the crowd in a sea of black. Who is this band you say? Should I even care or listen to them now?' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]