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Terrorizer Reviews Spirits Of The Dead ‘Rumours of a Presence’

Terrorizer Magazine reviews the Norwegian band's third album 'Rumours of a Presence' … [Read more...]

Spirits Of The Dead’s Rumours of a Presence at #1 Best Albums of the Year on

Fester’s Lucky 13: 2013 Year-End Summary Spirits Of The Dead's 'Rumours Of A Presence' #1 Spirits Of The Dead's Rumours of a Presence at #1 Best Albums of the Year on!! View the full list HERE … [Read more...]

Spirits of The Dead Are #10 On Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Spirits of The Dead are #10 on Heavy Blog Is Heavy's top 10 'It was inevitable that after producing such a brilliant debut, SOTD would become one of the finest of the current crop of retro bands. Rumours Of A Presence rams that thought home by worshipping at the twin altars of doom and prog; reinventing their forbear’s artistic touches to fit a thoroughly modern template.' Click HERE to see more … [Read more...]

Video Premiere: Spirits Of The Dead – Golden Sun

Classic Rock Magazine premiere the new Spirits of the Dead video to "Golden Sun" “But that magic definitely exists. It exists in the music of Spirits Of The Dead. These are songs that surround you like the warmth of a brightly-coloured cloak amid the icy, hostile squall of life’s never-ending blizzard. These are songs that send waves of exhilarating electricity through your bloodstream, causing your heartbeat to quicken and your limbs to flail in breathless pursuit of spectral grooves … [Read more...]

The Sleeping Shaman Reviews Spirits Of The Dead’s ‘Rumours Of A Presence’

The Sleeping Shaman reviews Spirits of the Dead's 'Rumours of a Presence'! "Spirits Of The Dead bring the doom in for the hard-edged Sabbathesque ‘Red Death’ with Vikse pushing his voice into full-blown howling rock god guise and Thorstensen giving it the complete Bill Ward jazzy shuffle throughout. Such overt Sabbism here is the exception rather than the rule, though, as spectral acoustic number ‘Seaweed’ follows in a completely different vein again with the entire track … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Rock n’ Roll in Massachusetts!

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Rank Top 10 in 90.7 WTCC's Top 40! Pop-rock's dynamic duo Hey! Hello! rolls in at #3 with "S/T", closely followed by Norwegian psychedelic-folk- stoners Spirits of the Dead's "Rumours of a Presence" at #6 in 90.7 WTCC Rock/Metal Top 40! Here's the rundown of the Top 10: 1 AMON AMARTH - DECEIVER OF THE GODS 2 CHIMAIRA - CROWN OF PHANTOMS  3 HEY! HELLO! - S/T 4 NEWSTED - HEAVY METAL MUSIC 5 BATTLECROSS - WAR OF WILL  6 SPIRITS OF THE DEAD … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead ‘Rumours of a Presence’ Album Review at Paranoid Hitsophrenic

Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence' Album Review "First off, this is Rock with a classic feel but an updated sound, similar perhaps to everything else but unlike anything you've heard.  Spirits of the Dead are breaking molds, seeming to have hit upon a winning formula that separates them from the pack of Scandanavian Retro Rockers.  It's amazing, the more of these throw-back kind of bands I discover from Northern Europe, the more I'm amazed that they not only don't all sound … [Read more...]

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR (week of 8/12/13)

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR #        ARTIST            Recording           Label 1 NEWSTED Heavy Metal Music Collective Sounds 2 CHIMAIRA Crown Of Phantoms E1 3 BUTCHER BABIES Goliath Century Media 4 FIGHT OR FLIGHT A Life By Design? Warner Brothers 5 JAMES LABRIE Impermanent Resonance Inside Out 6 VOLTO! Incitare Concord 7 DEFILED Daggers Nuclear Blast 8 KARNIVOOL Asymmetry Density 9 COUNTERPARTS The … [Read more...]

Spirits Of The Dead’s ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ Reviewed by Selective Memory

Spirits Of The Dead got a great Review from Selective Memory for their last album 'Rumours Of A Presence' 'Spirits of the Dead, characterized as Norway’s finest (and probably only) export of stoner-folk-rock, return with Rumours of a Presence. The unit’s third release encompasses different eras, tapping into the altered state jams of the ‘60s & ‘70s while integrating the doom and dread of modern times. With Norway’s reputation of exaggerated cadaverous metal, Spirits of the … [Read more...]

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Featured on iTunes!!!

Hey! Hello! and Spirits of the Dead Featured on iTunes Hey!  Hello! and Spirits of the Dead take over iTunes. Hey! Hello! after an amazing debut album release last week with a #1 spot on the UK pop charts is featured in iTunes homepage and the Rock page. Ginger and Victoria's just released their amazingly fun music videos "Swimwear", which has already garnered 17,000 views in only a week. “Norway’s finest psychedelic-stoner-folk-band” Spirits of the Dead keep rolling … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ Album Review at Exclaim!

Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence' Review "With their third record, Rumours of a Presence, Norway's classic proto-metal/stoner band, Spirits of the Dead, firmly anchor their aesthetic in the deep, fat niche of very early '70s hard rock. Combining songwriting elements of still-in-utero doom, psychedelia and progressive rock with a distinctly contemporary, sludgy stoner tone,Rumours of a Presence is a very retro-sounding record, in terms of how it's written with modern production … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead Album Review at The Sludgelord – “Brilliant and Highly Recommended”

Spirits Of The Dead 'Rumours Of A Presence' Review at The Sludgelord "Fuck it. I am going to call them one of Norway's finest Hard Rock Bands they currently have...If you're already a fan of the bands trippy psych acid stoner rock riffs then you don't need me to convince you to buy this. As this is the bands best work to date. It's already starting to receive a load of praise. And it's praise wholly deserved." Read more at The Sludgelord   … [Read more...]