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Music Enthusiast Mag’s Top Rock Songs Of 2013: Krokus’ ‘Go Baby Go’ #9

Krokus makes Music Enthusiast Mag 2013's Top Rock Songs 'With the second track off of their critically acclaimed album ‘Dirty Dynamite,’ Krokus return to their AC/DC inspired roots and pull out a traditional hard rock favorite. “Go Baby Go” is an adrenaline fueled riff racer, which features crunching guitars and some familiar falsetto.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Classic Rock Revisited Top 40 Albums Of 2013: Okta Logue, Anvil, And Krokus!

Classic Rock Revisited's Best of 2013 Okta Logue #16 Krokus #33 Anvil #39 View the full Top 40 HERE … [Read more...]

Hard Rock and Metal Deals on Amazon Extended

New Hard Rock and Metal Releases Sale on Amazon Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Amazon are extending their Metal Deals sale until November 18th so now is the time to pick up those brand new releases you've been dying to get your hands on.... Check it out HERE! Included in the deals are: Anvil - "Hope In Hell" Helloween - "Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition" Krokus - "Dirty Dynamite" Lordi - "To Beast Or Not To Beast" American Sharks - "American Sharks" Axewound - … [Read more...]

Steven Rosen Interviews Krokus For This Is Rock

Krokus interviewed by Steven Rosen from This is Rock Krokus  member Chris Von Rohr is a man who wears many suits. He was originally the Swiss band’s drummer on their first self-titled album and then switched to vocals for the follow-up record, To You All. By the time the group makes it to their fourth album, Metal Rendez-vous, he is on bass guitar and backing vocals and this is where he’ll remain for the band’s most important records. Von Rohr would leave the band—or rather be pushed … [Read more...]

Metal And Halloween Are On Amazon This Month

Check out the Metal Deals on Amazon with The End's CDs! This Month Amazon Feature: Krokus 'Dirty Dynamite' Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' Helloween 'Straight Out Of Hell' Funeral For A Friend 'Conduit' Danzig 'Red Sabaoth' Lordi 'To Beast Or Not To Beast' American Sharks 'American Sharks' Anvil 'Hope In Hell' While She Sleeps 'This Is The Six' HIM 'XX: Two Decades Of Love Metal'     … [Read more...]

100 Albums for $5 (each!) on Amazon

Hatchet's "Dawn of the End" and Krokus' "Dirty Dynamite" only $5 on Amazon     … [Read more...]

Krokus bassist, co-founder Chris Von Rohr talks to Legendary Rock Interviews about touring, band’s sense of humor, evolution and more

Krokus bassist, co-founder Chris Von Rohr on touring, band’s sense of humor, evolution and more "Bass guitarist Chris Von Rohr founded the Switzerland based hard rock band Krokus in 1975, rising to prominence in North America and Europe in the 1980s with albums like “Metal Rendez-Vous” and “Headhunter”.  The Krokus guys forged on through the 90s with lineup changes but reunited with the classic lineup in the late 2000′s, releasing “Hoodoo” in 2010.  This year the band has … [Read more...]

Krokus’ ‘Dirty Dynamite’ Review by Scene Point Blank

"YOU'VE GOT YOURSELF THE BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN" Krokus has had "a long string of releases, dating back to the year 1976." Dirty Dynamite is their latest effort and "is the 17th-yes, 17th!- Krokus record to date. And here's another surprising thing: it's pretty damn good." "Celebrating the glory of good old rock ‘n’ roll, “Go Baby Go” is as fist-pump-worthy a hard rock song as there ever has been. Throw in the totally shout-able chorus of, “GO! GO! Baby, GO!” and you’ve got … [Read more...]

Win A Signed CD Booklet From Krokus on Rock Confidential!

Enter to Win a Free CD Booklet From Krokus on Rock Confidential! Win a signed Dirty Dynamite CD booklet from KROKUS and The End Records (@theend)! All you have to do is follow Rock Confidential on Twitter (@jessecapps) and re-tweet any post from Rock Confidential that has the hash tag #DogSong – it’s that easy! Read more HERE … [Read more...]

Watch the New Krokus ‘Dog Song’ on Eddie Trunk!

Krokus posted a Video for 'Dog Song', Watch it On Eddie Trunk! 'Dog Song is on Krokus’ new album, Dirty Dynamite, which was released on February 22nd in Europe through Sony Music and March 5th in North America on The End Records.' Click HERE to watch this amazing video! … [Read more...]


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Krokus’ Sell Out Shows as ‘Dirty Dynamite’ Goes Platinum!

  "DIRTY DYNAMITE" GOES PLATINUM Right before the first concert of our sold out "Closer Contact Doeg Tour" our record label Sony Music presented us with gold and platinum record awards. Swiss boulevard paper "Blick" reports in today's edition: For almost 40 years they have been in the charts with every one of their releases. During the presentation the band's founder, producer and bassist Chris Von Rohr points out: "We worked extremely hard on this album and gave it our all. Bottom … [Read more...]