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Helloween Interview with Dead Rhetoric

Featured Interview in Dead Rhetoric with Michael Weikath of Helloween "I’m a peaceful guy. I like harmony and peace and stuff." -Michael Weikath Michael Weikath, guitarist for Helloween, talks reunions, albums, Rio, and "acting" on-stage with David E. Gehlke for Dead Rhetoric. Get the full lowdown HERE. … [Read more...]

Helloween Interview featured on Blabbermouth

Helloween Guitarist Interviewed on 'Noize In The Attic' Michael Weikath of Helloween is interviewed over two-hours for the hard rock and metal show "Noize In The Attic." Weikath discusses the "typical Helloween trademarks" such as "melodies and arrangement" , and Helloween getting back to basics; "what [we] stand for... Helloween the way it is." Check out the interview HERE. (Note: The Weikath interview begins around the 34-minute mark.) … [Read more...]

Helloween Live at Newport by Dead Rhetoric

Helloween Live at Newport Music Hall, Ohio Dead Rhetoric review Helloween's recent show on September 29th at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio. "...the ‘Weenies personify what a fun and carefree live act should be. From synchronized stage moves, to Andi Deris’s constant smiling, to the regular punting of the band’s guitar picks among the members, it’s easy to get down when cuts like “Power” and “Hell Was Made in Hell” get going." Helloween's new album Straight … [Read more...]

The Metal Voice Interviewed Michael Weikath from Helloween || Video Featured on Bravewords

Helloween's Guitarist Michael Weikath new video interview with The Metal Voice Featured on BW&BK Click HERE to watch the video interview!! … [Read more...]

Concert Review: Helloween & Lords of the Trident in Chicago by We Löve Metal

Review: Helloween & Lords of the Trident in Chicago by We Löve Metal 'They are complete professionals who have been playing live for decades and it shows.  This night (an on the tour), they played most of the songs one would expect – Eagle Fly Free, I’m Alive, Are You Metal,Dr. Stein, Future World, and I Want Out.  Each is a classic Helloween tune, but definitely do not feel dated, nor does the band simply sleepwalk through them.' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

Exclusive coverage of Helloween show in New York by Cryptic Rock

Helloween return to North America Stage after 5 years of absence! Review by Cryptic Rock 'From across the river in Union, New Jersey Cypher Seer started things off right with their traditional heavy metal sound.  Lead by Zeno Rodrigo on vocals the band provided a soaring performance which mixed in well for a Helloween type crowd.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Loudwire Live Review of Helloween at Stage 48

Helloween Rock Stage 48 Check out Loudwire's coverage (with a bunch of awesome photos!) of Helloween's September 24th gig at Stage 48 in NYC. "Frontman Andi Deris belted out songs and reached notes that many wouldn’t even attempt to attain. Notable members Michael Weikath and Sascha Gerstner provided blistering riffs while long time bassist Markus GrossKopf left ear drums sore with his deep bass lines. Drummer Daniel Loble amazed the crowd with a thunderous and relentless drum … [Read more...]

Helloween and Hey! Hello! on Steel 93 Radio

Helloween and Hey! Hello! on Steel 93 Radio "The STEEL 93 Time Machine has landed in the year 2013. We not only inform you of Rock 'N' Roll's glorious past, but it's current splendid here & now. This week you'll hear songs from the following 2013 albums:   Masterplan - “Novum Initium” (June 18th Release) Queensryche - “Queensryche” (June 25th Release) Pat Travers - “Can Do” (July 9th Release) James Christian - “Lay It All On Me” (July … [Read more...]

Check Out this Awesome HELLOWEEN Fan Made Video!

Helloween just completed the European leg of their tour and are preparing for a bunch of US dates! Check out this amazing fan made video on their Facebook page! Here are some stills from the video! The video can be found here.   Click here for upcoming HELLOWEEN tour dates! … [Read more...]

Straight Out Of Hell Reaches the Billboard Top 100 Making It The Highest Charting Helloween Album Ever

Straight Out Of Hell Reaches the Billboard Top 100 Making It The Highest Charting Helloween Album Ever Straight Out Of Hell Out Now On The End Records Download Straight Out Of Hell From iTunes Entering the Billboard charts at #97 in the US, #75 in Canada, Helloween’s newest album rocked the charts coming in at #32 in Rock, #18 in Independent and #7 in Hard Music. Released on January 22, 2013 on The End Records, this has been said to be the best Helloween album yet. Inspired by the … [Read more...]


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Blabbermouth – Helloween “Straight Out Of Hell” Track By Track – Part 1

HELLOWEEN: 'Straight Out Of Hell' Track By Track - Part 1 Posted Online - Jan. 5, 2013   The first in a series of clips featuring track-by-track descriptions of"Straight Out Of Hell", the new album from German power metallersHELLOWEEN, can be seen below. The official video for "Nabataea", the first single from "Straight Out Of Hell", can be seen below. The seven-minute-plus composition about the legendary kingdom, located in today's Middle East, where the … [Read more...]