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Hard Rock and Metal Deals on Amazon Extended

New Hard Rock and Metal Releases Sale on Amazon Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Amazon are extending their Metal Deals sale until November 18th so now is the time to pick up those brand new releases you've been dying to get your hands on.... Check it out HERE! Included in the deals are: Anvil - "Hope In Hell" Helloween - "Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition" Krokus - "Dirty Dynamite" Lordi - "To Beast Or Not To Beast" American Sharks - "American Sharks" Axewound - … [Read more...]

Metal Assault Interviews Helloween Guitarist Michael Weikath

Helloween Guitarist Michael Weikath interviewed by Metal Assault 'German power metal veterans Helloween made a long-awaited return to North America and completed a short headline tour with the last show at the Grove of Anaheim last Monday October 7th. It was their first show in Southern California after a gap of five years, and they presented material from their two latest album ‘Straight Out Of Hell’ and ‘Seven Sinners’, along with some of the classics. Before the show, I had a chat … [Read more...]

Live Photos of Helloween on Metal Titans

Show Pix: Helloween Metal Titans have posted some great photos from Helloween's October 5th gig at El Corazon in Seattle. Check 'em out HERE! … [Read more...]

Metal Master Kingdom Reviews Helloween’s Show In Cali

Helloween Show in California reviewed by Metal Master Kingdom 'With some of the best sound and lighting I have ever seen from a concert production, this was one hell of a show. Having fans young and old singing along with every Helloween song, and seeing all the energy from both the crowd and the band, this show is definitely on my favorites list.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Metal Kaoz’s Live Report Of Helloween’s Show in Joliet

Helloween's Live Report by Metal Kaoz 'The band was more than eager to follow the audience’s flow, so it didn’t take much time for Markus Grosskopf and Andi Deris to tease each other keeping the mood in high levels, while Sascha Gerstner share the lead guitar time with Michael Weikath wearing a huge smile during the entire time. On the other hand, Michael seemed to be a little disconnected, staying on stage left almost during the entire setlist.The band was more than eager to … [Read more...]

Helloween Interview Hits Picks Up Helloween Interview Michael Weikath of Helloween was recently interviewed by Metal Storm and has since been picked up by! Check out the video HERE! … [Read more...]

Interview with Michael Weikath on Metal Storm

Helloween's Michael Weikath Interview with Metal Storm Metal Storm interviews Michael Weikath, guitarist for Helloween, before their show in Colorado on October 2nd. The fifteen-minute interview begins with a discussion of Helloween's recent US tour ("straightforward and thought-through" says Weikath), and moves on to club tours vs. arena gigs, setlists, future plans, and 70000 Tons of Metal. On the topic of  the modifying nature of the metal genre, Weikath comments that "it will … [Read more...]

Live Review of Helloween in Metal Assault

Review of Helloween Gig at Grove of Anaheim, CA "Helloween still sound great as a live band and as a fan it was very, very cool to get to see them again." Helloween played the final gig of their Hellish Rock Part II tour at Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA on October 7th. Metal Assault were there to document the momentous occasion.  Check out the review, pics and setlist HERE. Helloween's latest album Straight Out Of Hell was released earlier this year. … [Read more...]

Another Great Review of Helloween’s Anaheim Show By The Long Beach City Area Metalzine.

Helloween review by The Long Beach City Area Metalzine calls their Anaheim show "spectacular." "The venue was 1/3 packed of die-hard Helloween fans like myself on a Monday night & Helloween killed it!  Such a fantastic show!  The antics on stage were hilarious especially the bass player Markus, I was hoping to do an interview & take photos but that didn't happen, such a shame I would have loved to talk to these guys, they seem to have a great sense of humor, get on w/ each other … [Read more...]

Photos: Helloween’s Show At The Grove By New Noise Magazine!

New Noise Magazine's photo coverage of Helloween's show at The Grove in Anaheim! Check out the gallery HERE. … [Read more...]

Metal And Halloween Are On Amazon This Month

Check out the Metal Deals on Amazon with The End's CDs! This Month Amazon Feature: Krokus 'Dirty Dynamite' Crossfaith 'APOCALYZE' Helloween 'Straight Out Of Hell' Funeral For A Friend 'Conduit' Danzig 'Red Sabaoth' Lordi 'To Beast Or Not To Beast' American Sharks 'American Sharks' Anvil 'Hope In Hell' While She Sleeps 'This Is The Six' HIM 'XX: Two Decades Of Love Metal'     … [Read more...]

Helloween, Coldsteel, and Battlesoul Show Review by Metal Master Kingdom

Metal Master Kingdom reviewed Helloween's show at The Opera House with Coldsteel and Battlesoul 'Helloween got fans in every corner of the venue singing along to "Future World" and "Dr. Stein." They finished the night off with the very energetic "I Want Out," leaving fans in a gleeful daze of power metal as they compared stories of the night.' … [Read more...]