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March is Metal on Amazon Featuring Helloween, Anvil, and Cradle Of Filth

 It's 'March is Metal' Month on        Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell Anvil - Hope In Hell Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast … [Read more...]

We Love Metal’s Best Song of 2013: Helloween ‘Nabataea’

Helloween 'Nabataea' is Best Song of 2013 on We Love Metal! 'Best song – I am sticking with Nabatea from Helloween, my pick for the first half of the year.  This is what Power Metal is supposed to sound like.  Runners up are Luna Luna from Heavatar and Masterplan’s Novum Initium.' - We Love Metal Click HERE to see the Top 11 … [Read more...]

Metal Meets EDM: 24 of Heavy Metal’s Finest Tell Societe Perrier Who Their Favorite DJs Are

Helloween, Godflesh, Hatchet, Dead Letter Circus, Crossfaith, and more Tell Société Perrier Who Their Favorite DJs Are 2. Dani Löble/Helloween Justin Timberlake: His music is one of a kind. It’s a continuation of the unforgettable ’80s legacy. He combines hard syncopated grooves, cranky harmonies with trendy arrangements for something really great. 3. Sascha Gerstner/Helloween Depeche Mode: Definitely the godfathers of industrial-electronic rock. Groovy beats topped … [Read more...]

The Metal Voice’s Top 10 Metal Album of 2013: Helloween #3

Helloween is #3 on The Metal Voice's Top 10 Metal Album of 2013 … [Read more...]

Metal Master Kingdom Reviews Helloween’s show at City National Grove

Read Helloween's show review by Metal Master Kingdom 'With some of the best sound and lighting I have ever seen from a concert production, this was one hell of a show. Having fans young and old singing along with every Helloween song, and seeing all the energy from both the crowd and the band, this show is definitely on my favorites list.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Helloween Was Worth The Wait According To Sleaze Roxx!

Helloween's show reviewed by Sleaze Roxx 'Helloween put on a great show and their setlist was a very good one. [...]  the concert was one of the best that I have seen this year. I suspect that the majority of the fans who attended the concert in Toronto also really enjoyed it because on my way out of the venue, it appeared that Helloween had sold out just about all of their merchandise' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Blabbermouth Features Metals Titans Interview With Michael Weikath from Helloween

Watch Michael Weikath from Helloween's interview with Metals Titans 'Peter Ruttan of conducted an interview with guitarist Michael Weikath of German power metallers HELLOWEEN on October 5 in Seattle, Washington. You can now watch the chat below' Click HERE to watch the interview … [Read more...]

Helloween Album Review on Cryptic Rock

Helloween's "Straight Out Of Hell" Review on Cryptic Rock Nicholas Franco for Cryptic Rock reviews Helloween's latest offering, Straight Out Of Hell, and gives it an impressive four out of five stars! "Straight out of Hell is a very strong outing from an absolute undisputed institution, a band whose influence can and has been felt for going on three decades." "“Straight Out of Hell” is infectious and driving, a tune they can be proud of. The new definition of melodic should just … [Read more...]

More Reviews By Cryptic Rock: Helloween’s Album ‘Straight Out Of Hell’!

Read Helloween's album 'Straight Out Of Hell' great review by Cryptic Rock  'Straight out of Hell is a very strong outing from an absolute undisputed institution, a band whose influence can and has been felt for going on three decades.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Helloween Interview on

Blabbermouth Features Helloween Interview Helloween-guitarist Michael Weikath's interview with has been picked up by and comes along with some excellent live videos from their October 2nd concert in Denver, CO. Check it out HERE! The ever-amusing Weikath talks shop about touring the US, recording the latest album Straight Out Of Hell, and future plans! … [Read more...]

“Possibility of Reunion of Classic Line Up” HELLOWEEN Guitarist debate.

Helloween Guitarist Discusses Possibility Of Reunion Of Classic Lineup - Is it possible to see Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath in a reunion all together again?  "We've given thought to that" Weikath said. But it seems like not all members agree to this. Kiske's words were "I don't need that reunion as much as he wants it.." As the controversy goes on between them  it seems like their final intention is to make good money out of it and have fun playing like … [Read more...]

Helloween’s US Tour Diary on Metal Injection

Metal Injection Presents Helloween's US Tour Diary "You gotta be there, we gotta be there, we gotta be there together!"  -Michael Weikath Get an exclusive look at the backstage antics of Helloween as they go on tour in the US. Check out the video HERE! … [Read more...]