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Review: Hatchet ‘Dawn Of The End’ by Aquelarre Zine

Read Aquelarre Zine's Review of Hatchet 'Dawn Of The End' 'These guys got the skills and know-how to put together some raging Thrash metal tunes. Much like vintage Destruction, Sodom or early Exodus they manage to capture the raw essence of metal in simple, but powerful riffs and arrangements. These guitar solos really comes down on your mind with full force. Beware Hatchet has risen!!' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

100 Albums for $5 (each!) on Amazon

Hatchet's "Dawn of the End" and Krokus' "Dirty Dynamite" only $5 on Amazon     … [Read more...]

Metal Review Reviews Hachet’s Dawn of the end

Read this Review of Hatchet's 'Dawn Of The End' by Metal Review "The second full-length from Bay Area thrash unit Hatchet goes a little way towards improving on the debut, starting to provide a hint of uniqueness to a band sorely in need of it. Mainly this comes in the form of a solid technicality, a precision in riff and beat that makes Dawn of the End enjoyable and sometimes exciting, two things that every great thrash album has in spades. This is not a great thrash album, however, … [Read more...]

Gig Review: Metal Assault Reviews Hatchet Show at Whiskey a Go Go for Bonded By Blood

Metal Assault Reviews Last Night's Bonded By Blood || Hatchet Show at the Whiskey a Go Go 'The opening salvo of ’After the Dark’ and ‘Silenced by Death’ saw Hatchet in absolutely top form. Their recent touring activities have made them a far more confident and mobile band live- bassist Travis Russey and guitarist Clark Webb especially attacked the stage with a fierceness and determination that I never saw from them back home.' Click HERE to read the review … [Read more...]

KNAC Exclusive Interview With Julz Ramos Of Hatchet

"Thrashing It Up: An Exclusive Interview With Julz Ramos Of Hatchet" "I see young fans coming to shows and even the most jaded of metal fans seem to like us! We are thrilled with our new label and it shows in our performance. We are stronger, happier and tighter than we have ever been." - Julz Ramos Read the full article and learn about future plans for Hatchet at KNAC … [Read more...]


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Hatchet Releases “Fall From Grace” Single || Announces New Album Details

Hatchet Releases "Fall From Grace Single" Announces New Album Details Dawn Of The End Out March 5th On The End Records Click Here To Pre-Order Exclusive 'Dawn Of The End' Bundle March 5th, 2013 marks the release date of the latest album from the Bay Area’s Hatchet. The quartet’s sophomore work is a huge step forward in precise aggression, performance, songwriting and production. Having recently confirmed The End Records as the band’s new home the band and label want to share a new … [Read more...]