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Neil Davidge ‘Halo 4 OST Vol.2′ is Now Available on YouTube

Listen to 'Halo 4 OST Vol.2' by Neil Davidge on YouTube: … [Read more...]

“Halo 4″ OST Exclusive Soundtrack T-Shirt And Special Edition Bundle Re-Release April 1st 2014

"HALO 4" OST EXCLUSIVE SOUNDTRACK T-SHIRT AND SPECIAL EDITION BUNDLE RE-RELEASE APRIL 1ST 2014 New and exclusive Halo 4 Original Soundtrack T-shirt plus Collector’s Edition Soundtrack box-set for re-release on April 1st 2014. The complete Halo 4 OST, remix CD, 70-minute DVD of ‘Composing A Universe’, 12” Picture Disk Vinyl, 48 Page Book and exclusive art print together with a brand new exclusive Halo 4 soundtrack T-shirt for release on April 1st 2014. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, … [Read more...]

Listen to Neil Davidge ‘Halo 4 OST Remixes’ on YouTube

'Halo 4 OST Remixes' Playlist is now available on The End Records' YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

Fill Your Cloud With New Albums For The New Year

Buy new records for $5 on Amazon for their special sale 'Fill Your Cloud' Celebrate the new year with The Lemonheads, Juliette Lewis, James Iha, My Jerusalem, FEAR, Funeral For A Friend, Hatchet, Lordi, Petula Clark, Anvil, The Orb, The Candles, Hey! Hello!, Eklipse, Okta Logue, The Red Paintings, While She Sleeps, and Art Brut for only $5 each! … [Read more...]

Halo 4 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special!

* Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special * Orders will receive an exclusive unedited 14 minute version of “Cloud City”! Get it HERE … [Read more...]

‘Halo’ #9 in Rolling Stone’s Top Video Game Soundtracks

'Halo' Soundtrack #9 in Rolling Stone's "Nine Legitimately Awesome Video Game Soundtracks" 'Halo' was ranked #9 in Rolling Stone's list of the top video game soundtracks. "The music of Halo has evolved since the series first began in 2001, but it remains consistently stirring and the perfect accompaniment for Master Chief's ongoing adventures." Read the full write up in Rolling Stone HERE. Good timing, because Microsoft has confirmed that 'Halo 4' will be reissued in a Game of the Year … [Read more...]

Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition and OST

Halo 4 : Game of the Year Edition and Original Soundtrack Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition will launch on October 8th, and will contain the War Games Map Pass and Halo 4 Champions DLC.  The Halo 4: Original Soundtrack (deluxe edition) will be released October 22nd.  The album was composed and produced by Neil Davidge, the co-writer and producer of Massive Attack. Get the full story HERE. … [Read more...]

Halo Week: Drop Shock Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Volume 2 Debuts

Microsoft and 343 Industries this week announced “Halo Week: Drop Shock”, a concentrated supply of new “Halo 4” content, giveaway opportunities, promotional pricing, DLC sales, and availability of Volume 2 of the original soundtrack. And for today its Volume 2 of the Halo 4 soundtrack. Click HERE to read the full article on Connected Digital World … [Read more...]