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Read Kim Benzie Of Dead Letter Circus’ Interview With South Florida Insider

South Florida Insider interviews Kim Benzie Of Dead Letter Circus 'Already juggernauts in Australia, Dead Letter Circus comes stateside with their latest album The Catalyst Fire. Getting major support from band Linkin Park. -interview with Kim Benzie.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Cryptic Rock Reviews Dead Letter Circus’ Album ‘The Catalyst Fire’

Read Cryptic Rock review of Dead Letter Circus' release 'The Catalyst Fire' 'As is expected, when bands push the envelope in terms of their sound or style there is typically backlash from die-hard supporters and critics. However, when it comes toThe Catalyst Fire, it is readily apparent that this is the type of album that will not only silence the critics and naysayers but also attract new followers. The cross pollination of catchy rock and musical precision presents Dead Letter Circus … [Read more...]

Australia’s Own Dead Letter Circus Destroyed Ottawa this month!

The Scene Magazine reviews Dead Letter Circus' show at Ritual in Ottawa 'As soon as the set started I could tell these guys would be tight as fuck. Guitarist Clint Vincent rocked a beautiful Telecaster, bringing a whole new dynamic to a metal show. You may have thought that the constant use of a delay pedal would get old, but his sound was surprisingly refreshing and complemented Kim Benzie’s clean cut vocals nicely.' - The Scene Magazine Read the full review HERE … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Kim Benzie Of Dead Letter Circus’ Interview With Lena Lamoray

Lena Lamoray interviews Kim Benzie of Dead Letter Circus  "Dead Letter Circus is one of those bands that will restore your faith in music." Click HERE to read the interview … [Read more...]

Band interview: Dead Letter Circus with Metal Riot

Dead Letter Circus' interview with Metal Riot 'Dead letter Circus is music for real music fans. They aren’t a super heavy band and some people think they are emo because they are catchy, but really this is an expansive, lush and deeply talented alternative hard rock band with stirring prog elements and a real “don’t give a fuck” belief in their sound. “I stopped thinking about the labels people put on styles of music a while ago.  There is music I love, music that I like and music … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus on

Dead Letter Circus Rise from Down Under Dead Letter Circus feature on's top list of on-the-rise bands from 'down under'. The Brisbane-rockers' final date in the US is tonight in New York City's Gramercy Theatre, where they will perform with Periphery as part of the "This Tour Is Personal" tour. DLC then head back home to Australia to start the "Polymorphism" tour with Karnivool. "I think the culture in Australia at the moment permits you the ability to chase your dream," … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus’ Debut in Toronto on The Heavy Press

Dead Letter Circus Review and Pix from "This Tour Is Personal" on The Heavy Press The Heavy Press reports from Opera House in Toronto on November 11th where Dead Letter Circus took the stage (and crowd) by storm along with Periphery, Twelve Foot Ninjas and Auras.  DLC played tracks off their new album, The Catalyst Fire, during their first show ever in Toronto, and "seemed to have enjoyed themselves just as much as [the] fans did." "They kept the energy flowing throughout the venue as … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus Tour Diary in New Noise Magazine

New Noise Magazine Features Dead Letter Circus' Tour Diary Hot on the heels of their European tour, Dead Letter Circus hit the US in search of their own "epic rock tale"- driving from New York to Atlanta in a matter of hours, battling brutal bouts of the flu, checking out the greatest supermarket in the world, accidentally photobombing  tourists' snaps at the Grand Canyon, all the while playing some awesome shows along the way! Read DLC-singer Kim Benzie's account of life on the road as … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus on Google Play’s Top New Metal

Dead Letter Circus Still Top of Google Play's New Metal Get Dead Letter Circus' The Catalyst Fire on Google play now! The album is still topping the website's Top New Metal list! "The Catalyst Fire absolutely meets the hype. More than that, it is the perfect follow up to an already masterful debut." - "The Catalyst Fire is a standout album in 2013. It has all everything a fan of Dead Letter Circus will hope for and then some. " - "The songs … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus’ Rig Rundown on Gear Gods

Dead Letter Circus Feature on Gear Gods' 'Rig Rundown' Dead Letter Circus provide a rundown of their tour gear-- find out their favorite instruments, amps, and picks to use HERE! Check out DLC's upcoming tour dates below! … [Read more...]

Cryptic Rock reviews Dead Letter Circus’ Concert in Cali

Dead Letter Circus' Concert reviewed by Cryptic Rock 'Dead Letter Circus had a lot of ground to make up and make up they did. There set showcased an excellent mix of both older tracks and newer tracks including “The Mile” and “The Space on the Wall”. The crowd really responded positively when they broke out into tracks “Lodestar” and “The Veil”.' Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

Dead Letter Circus Interview on Groovey TV

Dead Letter Circus Interview: This Tour Is Personal Tour on Groovey TV Dead Letter Circus talk tours, tequila and The Catalyst Fire with Groovey TV outside Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO. Find out how the guys plan to "geek out" at the end of November, and who they're touring with on the upcoming 'Polymorphism' tour!  Check it out HERE! … [Read more...]